Synopsis of Love's a Witch

Written by Brandee Mode

The show starts with Paige at a temp agency. She tells the guy that all of her temp jobs so far have been "unusual" and she wants a job that is really "normal." He sends Paige to be a caregiver for an elderly woman. Paige is playing a card game with the woman when an energy ball flies through a window. It misses the old woman but it hits Paige, knocking her down. The woman's son enters from another room and the old woman tells him that "the sons of bitches missed me." Paige is on the floor, holding her bleeding shoulder and she mutters "so much for normal."

Phoebe is levitating with her legs crossed and eyes closed, trying to meditate. Piper vacuums beneath her. Phoebe complains that she can block out the vacuum but can not block out Piper's nervousness over her first date. Paige enters, holding a piece of cloth against her wounded shoulder. She doesn't want to talk about it, but Phoebe and Piper follow her into the kitchen. Phoebe comments that she can feel Paige is scared. Paige and Phoebe both comment that they are irritated with Phoebe's empathy invading their private thoughts and feelings. Chris orbs in and asks if they have seen Leo. Paige explains she was on a temp job, playing cards with "grandma, she's got some deep dark secrets." Piper is surprised that Paige got sent on "another temp job that involves magic."

PAIGE: "Yeah right, I'm never gonna get away."

During the conversation, Phoebe makes comments based on feelings she is empathically sensing from Paige and Piper. Piper offers to get the book but Paige wants to handle this on her own. Phoebe points out that Paige is feeling "suppressed by us." Paige admits she is trying to find her own "path." Chris enters, but they ignore him. Piper picks up the phone to cancel her date, but Phoebe stops her. Phoebe points out that Piper is just being afraid of dating again and should not cancel her date. Paige and Piper think Phoebe's empathy is "ridiculous" and it is "getting worse." Phoebe promises to try keeping their feelings to herself from now on, then immediately comments that someone in the room is hiding something from her. Chris looks guilty. He makes an excuse and quickly leaves. Paige announces that she is going back to the old woman's house. Phoebe starts going on about Paige being scared, so Paige orbs an apple into Phoebe's mouth, then walks out of the room.

Chris has gone to see someone about getting a special potion. The sorcerer tells Chris the potion he desires is expensive because the main ingredient is "rare and hard to come by" and it could take six weeks or longer to get it. We see an invisible figure appear, obviously watching Chris without his knowledge. Chris says he can't wait that long and asks the sorcerer where he needs to go for the missing ingredient. The sorcerer says the egg needed for the potion is in the swampland. As Chris leaves, we see that the invisible figure is Leo. The sorcerer is not surprised to see Leo.

Paige attempts to return to the old lady's house but they will not let her in the gate. A man named Richard approaches her from across the street. He warns Paige to leave before she gets hurt and tells her there have been other magical beings who have tried to help with the feud. Richard correctly guesses that Paige is "a witch, like us." While they are talking, an energy ball flies out from the old lady's house. Richard tries to push Paige out of the way, but her shoulder is re-injured.

Phoebe helps Piper apply make-up in preparation for Piper's date. Phoebe is distracted by the feelings she has been sensing from her sisters, on top of feeling PMS three times a month instead of just once. Phoebe thinks Paige really does want their help, but doesn't realize it yet. Piper wants to stay home to make sure Phoebe leaves Paige alone, but Phoebe convinces her to go.

A guy named Seth arrives and Piper leaves with him for their date. Phoebe calls for Chris and when he orbs in, he has mud on his clothes. She asks him to baby-sit Wyatt. Chris refuses. Leo orbs in and Chris tells Phoebe that Leo can watch Wyatt. Chris orbs out. Leo starts to explain he can't stay, it's obvious that Leo wants to follow Chris, but Phoebe insists that she needs to go check up on Paige. She is forced to admit that Piper is out on a date and Leo is obviously disappointed to hear that. Phoebe picks up the grandma's handkerchief and says "Lead me back from whence this came; help me help my sister's pain." Phoebe disappears.

Inside Richards house, Richard insists to his father that Paige "doesn't work for the Callaways" and was sent to "stop the fighting." While tending Paige's wound, Richard explains that his family and the family across the street have been fighting for a long time. They have put curses on each other, but Richard didn't suffer the effects of the curse because he doesn't practice magic. He stopped using magic about a year ago because it took him to "a dark place" that he doesn't want to go back to. Richard points to a picture of his fiancé who is a member of the enemy family. Her name was Olivia and she died the year before in the crossfire of the feud. Richard states that Olivia would be "more upset than anybody that this truce ended. She wanted peace." We see Olivia's ghost emerge from the picture and she is not happy.

Olivia's ghost enters a different room, where Richard's father Benjamin sits at a desk. Olivia tells him it sucks to be a ghost. Olivia wants what was taken from her. She moves outside the window then throws a plasma ball inside, killing Richard's father. Richard, Paige and the other member's of Richard's family rush to check on Benjamin. They find Benjamin lying dead across his desk with a large chest wound. Paige looks out the window and sees Phoebe standing in the window of the Calloway house across the street. Phoebe looks embarrassed to be caught snooping and she waves back at Paige.

At a restaurant, Piper orders her dinner, but gets carried away with ordering it specially prepared. She admits to being nervous and that it has been a long time since she was on a date. Seth comments that it took several dates after his divorce until he became comfortable dating again. Seth asks Piper when her divorce will be final. Piper is caught off guard by this and hesitantly admits, that she has not filed for divorce. Before she can explain, Chris arrives and interrupts her. He is has a lot more mud on his clothes now. Piper hurries Chris aside before Seth can ask any questions. She asks Chris about the mud, but he ignores the question, telling Piper that she needs to go home before Phoebe and Paige kill each other.

At the manor, Phoebe is trying to apologize to Paige, who is very angry. Phoebe says she couldn't help it because she was worried and thought Paige was in danger. Chris orbs in with Piper as Phoebe and Paige continue to argue. Paige tells Piper that "the Calloways killed Richard's dad" but Phoebe insists they didn't kill anyone. Leo comes downstairs and tells everyone to be quiet because Wyatt is sleeping. Chris tries to leave but Leo grabs Chris by the shirt and pulls him into the next room where the sisters have gone.

Phoebe insists that no one in the Calloway house threw any energy balls while she was there and points out that she would have channeled their anger if they had. Paige points out that Phoebe should be sensing anger from her. Phoebe says that actually she is sensing that Paige's attraction to Richard is clouding her better judgment. Piper suggests that if both families claim they didn't start the feud again, that perhaps it's a third party, someone who doesn't want the feud to end. Piper tells Paige to have both families to come to the manor so they can have a peace talk.

Chris slaps Leo on the back, commenting that an Elder is perfect to mediate. Chris orbs out before Leo can stop him. Chris returns to the sorcerer and gives him a very large egg. The sorcerer empties the egg into a bubbling pot of liquid and he tells Chris he will have the potion when he needs it.

Paige orbs to Richard's house to find he is preparing to join the fight. He tells her to go away. She asks Richard to go to the Callaway's house and user his "considerable influence" and his "neutral reputation" to bring them to the "peace table" or she will orb Richard "down to purgatory." He still hesitates and Paige states that it is the "only way to end the feud," and it is "what Olivia would have wanted."

Leo enters the kitchen with the shirt Paige was wearing at the beginning of the episode. Piper tells him to drop it in the pot. Piper has made some kind of mixture that will let her know if Paige was really hit by an energy ball. While stirring, Leo asks about Piper's date. The dark liquid in the pot gets lighter in color and Piper announces that Paige had actually been hit by a plasma ball. Piper states that plasma only exists on the spiritual plane. Phoebe enters the kitchen, announcing that members from both families have arrived. Piper tells Phoebe they need a séance.

Everyone is in the attic now, standing around a table that has several candles on it. Piper tells them that she thinks a ghost is trying to break the truce. She explains what they are going to do and asks everyone to hold hands so they form a circle around the table. Once the circle is formed, Paige calls for the unknown spirit and Olivia appears. Olivia's father asks Olivia why she started this and Olivia claims it was because no one avenged her death. Richard's mother points out that she was killed accidentally by someone in her own family. Olivia says that's not true and looks right at Richard's brother, Steve, who claims it was an accident. Olivia seems irritated that Paige is interfering. Richard is confused, this is not the personality Olivia had when she was alive. Olivia tells Richard she was "wrong about the feud, it can never end" and once she has her revenge, they can be together again. Olivia disappears. Everyone who is left, stares at each other in anger, then they leave also. Paige tells Phoebe that the "next time I tell you to butt out, BUTT OUT!" then Paige runs after Richard.

Once alone, Olivia appears in front of Paige. She says they should go after Richard together and jumps into Paige before Paige can react. Now in control of Paige's body, Olivia walks away and the show goes to commercial.

When the show returns, Piper is preparing a potion to "banish a ghost" and Phoebe questions her about interfering. Piper claims she is just going to give Paige an option; it will be Paige's decision whether or not to use the potion. Phoebe complains that if she were the one making the potion, it would be considered intruding.

PHOEBE: "You can worry just because you're worried, but if God forbid I worry, everyone thinks I'm psychically intruding."

Piper mentions she will call Leo to baby-sit then walks out of the room.

Olivia-In-Paige's-Body has arrived at Richard's house. He tells that it was hard seeing Olivia again and he was surprised at how bitter Olivia is. She tells him Olivia just wants justice. He tells her it sounded more like she wanted revenge. Richard says "Paige" doesn't sound like herself and Olivia claims she just changed her mind and "together we can't lose." Olivia kisses Richard.

Elsewhere, the sorcerer pours the potion into a vial and assures Chris it will work, as long as he doesn't get violently ill, you never know what the side-effects might be. The sorcerer asks if Chris is certain and Chris says the risk is worth it, but before he can take the potion, Leo appears. Leo had been invisible, watching them. Leo wants to know why Chris needs the potion, what secret is he trying to hide. Chris tells Leo the potion is not for himself. Chris claims it's for the sisters, because of Phoebe's new empathy power. Leo doesn't believe Chris and threatens to "clip" his "wings." They both hear a *jingle* and Chris states that Wyatt must need a babysitter again. Leo orbs out. Chris asks the sorcerer how quickly he can make another batch of potion.

"Paige" is urging Richard to take a vial and join the fight. They hear an explosion. Richard's brother runs into the room announcing that "they're attacking!" then Richard and Steve both run back to the fight. Richard throws the vial, then ducks as someone throws an energy ball at him.

Piper and Phoebe arrive outside. They see the explosions through the window and quickly decide they should help. Olivia's father hits Richard's mother with an energy ball. Richard conjures an energy ball to throw at Olivia's father but Piper arrives inside the house just in time to blow up Richard's energy ball. This gives Olivia's father enough time to throw an energy ball at Richard, which knocks him unconscious. Richard's mother wakes up. "Paige" rushes to him, telling him to wake up and admits "it's me... Olivia." Everyone in the room sees this. Olivia swears that if she "can't have him in life" then she will "have him in death." She orbs out, taking an injured Richard with her.

We quickly learn that Olivia has taken Richard to the Callaway family crypt. They are inside a stone coffin as Richard wakes up. She tells him they will "be together now." Richard is confused. He turns to see a skeleton lying next to him. Olivia tells him that dying is "not so hard" and urges him to breathe. Richard looks like he is going to pass out.

Piper and Phoebe have returns home. They have tried to summon Paige and scry for her but neither has worked. Phoebe is upset that she didn't follow her "empathic instincts." Leo points out that Olivia's energy is suppressing Paige. Before they can scry for Olivia, Richard's mother and Olivia's father arrive at the Halliwell front door. They think they know where Olivia took Richard. They say they want to help end this before anyone else dies.

Inside the crypt, Richard and Olivia/Paige are both only semi-conscious. Piper uses her power to explode the coffin open. Leo reaches down to heal Paige and Olivia's ghost rises from Paige's body, telling them that they're too late. Phoebe starts to use the potion, but Paige wakes up and tells her to stop. Paige claims to have felt Olivia's pain. Paige tells Olivia that she knows it hurt to have lost Richard, but she needs to let Richard live so she can "move on and get out of limbo." Paige urges Olivia to "come away from vengeance" and Richard starts to wake up. Olivia is scared, but tells Richard "forgive me" before disappearing through the ceiling.

Later, Phoebe is in the attic trying to write a spell that will prevent her empathy from sensing things from Piper and Paige, but it's not working. Piper and Paige are at the door, trying to get Phoebe to unlock the door. Finally Paige orbs into the attic, along with Piper and Chris. Piper tells Phoebe not to isolate herself. Paige tells her to forget about controlling the empathy and can't she control herself? Phoebe says no, because when she hurts them, she feels that too. Paige says she discovered she has a "magical destiny" and she needs to be left alone so she can follow it.

[Paige acts like having a magical destiny is a new thing, which seems stupid to because she got her magical destiny started at the beginning of season 4, know what I mean?]

Piper reminds them that today they ended a feud and set free a tortured soul. Chris looks surprised.

CHRIS: "Didn't Leo give you the empathy blocking potion?"

Piper calls for Leo, who orbs in. All three women immediately start asking him about the potion. Chris says they are excited over the potion you got for them. Leo is hesitant, he thinks that Phoebe was given empathy for a reason. They interrupt him, insisting he give it to them. Piper and Paige each take a drink from the vial and Phoebe tries to sense what they are feeling. Phoebe happily announces that she can't sense their feelings. Paige is happy and announces she is going back to finish the card game with Grandma Callaway. Phoebe teases her about hoping to see Richard. Chris asks Piper if she is feeling any side-effects like nausea, but she says no. Piper follows Paige and Phoebe out the door. Chris comments to Leo that they are "one big happy family again" but Leo angrily reminds Chris that he is not family. Leo leaves the attic. Chris takes a vial from his pocket and drinks the contents. (Presumably this was the 2nd batch of empathy blocking potion.)

Leo catches up with Piper downstairs. He apologizes for being around the house so often, since she had asked him to stay away for awhile. Piper tells him she doesn't need space anymore and she can't think of a better babysitter for Wyatt than his own father. Piper knows it hasn't been easy for Leo trying to stay away. She tells him that she appreciates him trying and it's given her time to think about where they "go from here." She said they don't have the option to get back together, so the only way for her to be able to move on is if they make it "official, legal." Leo looks disappointed but not surprised. Phoebe calls upstairs that Seth is on the phone for her. Piper leaves the room to answer the phone leaving Leo standing in the room alone.

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