Synopsis of My Three Witches

Written by Brandee Mode

The show starts with Phoebe on a TV set, interviewing a woman who wrote a book about having a longer-lasting orgasm. At home, Piper is fighting against a demon named Gith. He looks human though. There is a big vortex in the floor and Piper holds on to furniture to keep from being pulled in. She calls for Chris, who orbs in. He urges her to leave with him, but Piper refuses to leave Wyatt behind, telling him to go get her sisters. Chris orbs to the TV station and waves to get Phoebe's attention. Phoebe is focused on the interview and does not notice him. Chris orbs to a retirement home, where Paige is in a box as part of a magic trick. An elderly man is trying to do the trick where you appear to saw a person in half but it's not going well, so Paige uses her magic to separate herself in two. This is when Paige notices Chris trying to get her attention. She gives him a look that seems to say "sorry I can't help you" and Chris orbs back to the house.

Piper looses her grip and starts sliding toward the vortex. She aims at Gith and is able to cause a small explosion, injuring Gith's shoulder. Gith yells in pain and the vortex closes. Gith disappears.

Later when Phoebe and Paige have returned home, they look around at the mess caused by the vortex. Chris is irritated that they are talking about their personal lives instead of the demon.

CHRIS: "Piper, doesn't it bother you that you had to vanquish that demon alone?"

PIPER: "Well sure, but we've all have lives, which is why I need to clean this place up before my guests arrive."

Paige asks who is coming over and Piper says a friend named Mary designed a fashion line and she is bringing some friends over so they can have a little fashion show. The girls start talking about clothes and Chris tries to get them to focus on catching the demon. Phoebe suggests that Piper should let Leo heal her hand, which she injured while cooking. Paige says she would use magic for everything if they were allowed to. Piper says she didn't get injured fighting demons so she deserves to wear the bandage for the "shame of it all." Chris is still trying to get their attention. There are roses all over the floor that Paige has been picking up while they talk. Jason has been sending them to Phoebe because he thinks he is losing her. Phoebe says she is not sure anymore if the feelings she has are Jason's or her own. Piper advises Phoebe to "let him wine and dine you." Chris again tries to get them to talk about the demon, telling them that "Piper was almost sent to another world" and that "takes powerful magic" to do. This gives Paige the idea to use magic to clean up the mess. Paige says the "object of objection" spell and the room is suddenly clean. Piper thanks her and Paige leaves to return to her temp job at the retirement home.

[My first thought was that it should count as personal gain, but apparently it doesn't count since the mess was caused by a demon attack.]

Phoebe leaves too; she has a lunch date with Jason. Chris orders them to "get back here" so they can hunt the demon, but they leave anyway. Piper tells Chris that he needs to lighten up. He tells her that if the three of them "keep putting your personal lives before their wiccan duties, you're gonna pay for it." Piper concedes "maybe so, but not today" since she scared the demon away. She leaves to check on some cookies in the oven. Chris is irritated. He looks at Wyatt and tells him "It's your fault I have to do this now."

Chris orbs to Gith's cave. Gith opens a vortex under Chris, and he falls in. Chris orbs back into the cave and tells Gith that he did not come here to kill Gith. Chris says he knows Gith from the future and he has come here "to help you get what you want - the Charmed Ones."

At an outdoor restaurant, Jason tells Phoebe he had to come back from Hong Kong because he missed her so much that he couldn't concentrate. A woman who recognizes Phoebe approaches and asks for Phoebe's autograph. After the woman leaves, Phoebe mentions that she is taping the last episode later that afternoon. Jason tells her it doesn't have to be the last; he owns several TV stations. She doesn't seem interested and eventually tells him that he doesn't need to try so hard to impress her. They end up kissing.

Leo arrives at the house, wanting to talk to Piper but she doesn't give him the chance. She tells him that Wyatt is excited about their afternoon together. Wyatt sneezes and Leo starts to heal him, offering to heal Piper's wrist also. Piper says not to heal Wyatt because it's just a common cold and Wyatt needs to build immunities. Besides, she wants a "normal life so that means no healing for anyone." Piper reminds him that she would call if it were something serious, then reminds him to get going. Leo tells Piper he can't. He shows her the Valkyrie pendant and tells Piper that Chris killed a Valkyrie to get it. Leo insists that Chris is not who he claims to be. Piper is angry and says Leo "always finds a way" to put his job before his family.

In the cave, Gith does not believe that Chris is there to help him, pointing out that "whitelighters don't kill their charges." Chris claims not to be a "typical whitelighter." He admits he is from the future and claims to want the Charmed Ones' powers. Chris has a piece of paper with Piper, Phoebe and Paige's desires on it and questions "how one could eat a desire." Gith explains there is a lot of energy in an unfulfilled desire and he lives off that energy. Chris gives him the paper and orbs out. Gith reads the paper, "a normal life, with normal friends and no magic." Gith holds his arm over a large container of water and we see a circle develop with Piper and Wyatt inside. A magical *wave* passes over them. The doorbell rings and Piper answers it to find her friends have brought several women with them to watch a fashion show because the women want to see the new lingerie designed by Piper's friend. Piper is surprised when three men enter and ask where they can change clothes.

Over at the retirement home Paige is helping in the magic act again when a magical wave hits her. Suddenly the old man grabs his chest and falls to the floor. Paige yells for someone to call 911 but they tell her there's not enough time. Paige offers to get him to the hospital if everyone would leave the room; but they refuse and tell Paige to "just use your magic and orb him to the hospital." Paige is shocked but they claim they know all about her magic and urge her to hurry. Paige agrees and orbs out with the man while everyone watches.

Phoebe is getting ready to tape her last episode of the talk show when Jason tells her it doesn't have to be the last episode, she interrupts him and tells him that's not what she wants. He tells Phoebe to "lose yourself in the moment" when she steps onstage. A magical wave hits her just before she goes onstage. She is surprised to discover a huge studio audience and a sign on the wall that says "Ask Phoebe."

When the show returns from commercial, Phoebe and Jason leave the studio after taping. A bodyguard named Blake is with them. Phoebe is excited and comments about how good it was to "feel all that passion!" She asks how Jason set it up so fast. Several fans have gathered with flowers and signs. Phoebe signs an autograph while walking to the limo. Then they get in the limo and Phoebe starts to question Jason about all the fans and the "elaborate stage" but he interrupts her without answering. Jason tells Blake to drive the limo "home." As they leave, a man standing among the fans holds a sign that says "marry me Phoebe," but once the car passes the man, he turns the sign and the other side says "or die."

Chris is in the attic mixing a potion when Leo orbs in. Leo is angry and insists they talk. Leo holds up the valkyrie pendant and Chris continues with the potion, claiming he doesn't "have time for this." Leo points out that whitelighters aren't supposed to kill and Chris reminds him that he's an elder and he killed them. Leo points out that he was protecting "the sisters" but Chris HUNTED a valkyrie to steal her magic. Leo feels vindicated that he has enough information to have Chris stripped of his whitelighter status. He informs Chris there will be a hearing with the other Elders that night and comments about it being his last day as a whitelighter. Chris tells Leo to "do what you have to do" and turns his attention back to the potion. Leo finally realizes what Chris is doing and ask him why the sisters aren't making the potion themselves. Leo tries to sense them and can't. Chris tries to leave but Leo stops him. Chris points out that he is supposed to show up where he's going alone, otherwise the sisters will die. Leo relents and allows Chris to orb out.

Paige enters the hospital room of the old magician and his wife thanks Paige for saving his life. Paige asks how they knew she had "a power" and the woman responds that if Paige weren't a witch she would be a widow now. Paige tries to get the woman to whisper, worried that someone will hear her. The wife tells Paige she should "use your magic with pride."

Back at the house, the women have gathered in one room to watch the men dance to loud music while wearing bikini underwear. The other women are whistling and hooting at the guy as he dances. Piper asks if they do this a lot?

FRIEND: "You mean stare at half-naked guys under a socially accepted pretense? Every chance we get!"

Suddenly the woman next to Piper catches the man's bikini. Piper hears Wyatt cry over the baby monitor and goes to check on Wyatt. When Piper picks him up, she realizes that he feels very hot. Piper takes Wyatt's temperature and it's 102. Piper is worried and calls out for Leo. He doesn't appear so she leaves the nursery.

Still in the limo, Phoebe and Jason discuss the possibility of Phoebe having her own TV show. She thinks it's too much, too soon. He loves the idea and continues talking about it. Blake announces they are at the pent-house. There are several fans waiting. They seem louder than the previous group of fans and are more urgently trying to get Phoebe's attention. Phoebe tells Jason she knows "this is coming from a really good place" but that she doesn't want it to "take over" her life.

As they walk toward the building, Phoebe realizes something is wrong. An angry man stops her and claims his wife left him because of Phoebe. Someone hands her a celebrity magazine to sign but Phoebe claims that she never posed for the picture. She realizes this is "isn't my world." She tries to tell Jason that they have been pulled into an alternate reality but Jason thinks she is "talking crazy." An angry man pulls out a gun and shoots at Phoebe. Jason jumps in front of her and gets hit with the bullet. The camera pulls back to reveal Gith has been watching the three sisters, each in their own circle, in the pool of water.

Chris orbs into the cave to find Gith is shocked that "the boyfriend took the bullet." Chris is surprised that Gith "tried to kill one of them already" but Gith explains he "creates the world" but he "doesn't control them." The world works "in it's own way" but this is the first time a victim ever escaped a "direct attempt" on his or her life. Chris tries to throw the vanquishing potion at Gith but he is too fast. Gith conjures a bow and shoots Chris with a darklighter arrow. Chris falls to the floor, dropping the vial. Gith steps on it, breaking the vial and tells Chris he could feel from the beginning that Chris never wanted to kill the Charmed Ones, just "teach them a lesson."

Piper hurries to the attic, still calling for Leo. She opens the Book Of Shadows to find all the pages are blank. Piper is starting to panic now. She is again calling for Leo or Chris, when her two friends enter the attic. They look at her like she's crazy and remind her that "Leo doesn't live here anymore." When they find out Wyatt's temperature, they are confused why Piper hasn't taken Wyatt to the hospital.

Paige has left the magician's hospital room. She passes an injured woman who stops her. She heard the woman call Paige a witch and asks Paige for help. The woman claims she needs help protecting her daughter from demons. The daughter is hiding, but the woman is worried the demons will find her. Paige finally realizes the woman is serious and agrees to help.

Paige orbs into an alley. A demon throws a fireball at a man, but Paige orbs it back onto the demon, killing him. Paige enters the building she's standing next too and finds another demon. Paige orbs a pipe into the demon, stabbing him and he explodes. Paige looks around and speaks out to the young girl she has come to help, telling her it's OK to come out from hiding. The girl comes out from behind a box and hugs Paige.

When they walk outside, several people come out of hiding to applaud the rescue. Paige realizes something isn't right. Two demons appear and Paige tells the girl to wait inside the building. Paige orbs so she is between the demons. When they each throw a fire all, Paige orbs out and their fireballs kill each other. More demons show up and start throwing fireballs. Paige hides behind a dumpster.

In Phoebe's world, she calls for Leo but there's no response. Jason tells her the bodyguard should have called 911. Phoebe mentions that you can never know what to expect in an alternate reality. Jason still thinks she is talking crazy and doesn't believe her when she says they must be in a "world of desire" but it isn't her desire and she realizes it's a world of Jason's desire. He agrees that he wants her to have it all, including her sanity and asks her to see a doctor if he dies.

Gith has been watching again and is angry that Chris didn't tell him Phoebe was an empath. Chris is still on the floor, barely awake. Gith correctly assumes that Phoebe was feeling Jason's desire when he created the worlds. Chris forces himself to sit up slightly. Chris waves his hand toward the scrying pool. The bubble around Phoebe's world moves over and joins with Paige's. Gith is angry and kicks Chris, who falls back to the floor unconscious.

Jason is thirsty and Phoebe stands to look for water, when a magical wave hits her and she is transported to Paige's world. Phoebe is disoriented but Paige quickly pulls her down to hide from fireballs behind the dumpster. They quickly determine they each know what's going on. Paige's world is "a real magical place" just like she wanted. Paige asks how Phoebe escaped her world but Phoebe doesn't know. Phoebe feels guilty that Jason was left alone and injured; she wants to return to him. Paige believes they will need Piper's help to escape.

Piper is driving to the hospital while Wyatt is in the back seat crying. She turns to look at him and drives through an intersection. A loud horn blares and another vehicle slams into Piper's SUV. Gith continues to watch.

Just as the demons are about to find Phoebe and Paige behind the dumpster, we discover that Paige has orbed them inside the dumpster. After the demons walk away, they start whispering about how to find Piper. Paige suggests that Phoebe use her empathy to *feel* Piper. Paige points out that Gith used their emotions to create the world and Phoebe could use that "as a conduit to tap into her feelings." Phoebe closes her eyes and concentrates. Something that smells bad causes Phoebe to sneeze and the demons begin walking slowly back. The demons start throwing energy balls at the dumpster. Phoebe tries again and can sense that Piper is scared. Paige points out that since the world is "fueled by desire" and their desire is to find Piper, if they concentrate together, maybe the world will take them to Piper.

Gith is angry that things are not going the way he wanted. He decides to kill Piper before Phoebe and Paige can find her. Gith grabs a knife and enters Piper's world. Gith appears on the other side of the street from Piper's SUV, which is leaking gasoline. The vehicle that hit Piper's SUV is on fire. Piper sees him as he begins walking toward her. Suddenly Paige and Phoebe appear in front of him, blocking his path. Paige calls for the knife and nothing happens. Piper explains there is no magic in this world. Phoebe kicks Gith and he falls back near the SUV. Phoebe realizes it will explode and yells to her sisters. The sisters run away, taking Wyatt with them.

The SUV explodes, killing Gith, which causes Paige, Phoebe, Piper and Wyatt to emerge from the scrying pool. Phoebe looks for Jason, but Paige tells her, THAT Jason was probably just a creation of THAT world. Paige notices Chris lying on the ground nearby. Piper calls for Leo, who immediately orbs in. He is relieved that all the sisters are OK. Piper hurries Leo to heal Wyatt's fever and Chris's injury.

Later Wyatt is resting in his crib while Piper and Leo look down at him. They mention the bad day they had and the conversation turns toward Chris. Piper points out that Chris came through for them today. She tells Leo to give Chris a break because he earned it. Leo mentioned that Piper's social plans were ruined and Piper replies that she can always try again tomorrow for a normal day. Piper also says that since she couldn't have a normal day anyway, she asks Leo to heal the injury on her hand.

[They called it a cut earlier in the episode, but now that the bandage is off, it looks more like a bad burn to me.]

As Leo heals her hand, Chris enters reminding Leo it's time for the hearing with the Elders. Chris figures he will give Leo "the joy of handing me over personally." Leo gives Chris the valkyrie pendant instead. Chris is shocked and confused. Leo tells him to "just take it before I change my mind," and then Leo walks out of the room. Piper thanks Chris for trying to warn them about the demon, and admits they should have listened to his warnings. Chris says "as long as they learned something today, that's all that matters."

Phoebe goes to Jason's office at the newspaper office. She quickly checks his back to make sure it was not really him who had gotten shot. Jason tells Phoebe that he has a surprise for her and starts talking about a TV station manager friend of his, but Phoebe interrupts him. She tells him that is not what she wants. She tells him that he does not need to woo her anymore. He tells her that he will cancel the helicopter that was going to take them to dinner. She stops him when he reaches for the phone, telling him it's OK if he wants to woo her a little. They kiss.

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