Synopsis of Soul Survivor

Written by Brandee Mode

Paige is on a temp job as an assistant to a lawyer named Larry. She is helping him finish up some paperwork for changes to his will and a large donation to a children's foundation. Larry thanks Paige for her help and gives her an envelope. She is hesitant to accept, be eventually she does. He urges her to go home since it is almost midnight.

While waiting for the elevator, Paige looks in the envelope to find a large amount of cash inside. She returns to Larry's office, to find under attack by two demons. Paige easily kills one of the demons with his own energy ball, but the other one is able to throw an energy ball at Larry. The remaining demon disappears and Paige looks down at Larry's lifeless body.

The next morning, Piper is feeding Wyatt when Phoebe enters. Phoebe is rushing because she is late for work. They each comment about how busy their lives are: Phoebe has to get her "car washed, pick up the dry-cleaning, and go to work" while Piper has to "run the club, go to the dentist and raise Wyatt." Phoebe wishes they could trade since Elise just hired Spencer Ricks, the "slimy advice columnist" whom Phoebe had previously "turned into a turkey." Elise wants Phoebe to work with him. They are supposed to "pick a letter, then each give advise on it ~ one sensitive and caring, the other chauvinistic." Phoebe comments that she would like to complain to Jason, but she doesn't want to "use our relationship for leverage" which leads to comments about "sleeping with the boss" and eventually the fact that Piper is "not getting any." Piper admonishes Phoebe for talking about Piper's sex life in front of Wyatt. Piper comments that "dating as a single mom" isn't easy. She explains that she is going to "cut to the chase."

PIPER: "I've got three dates lined up and they're all gonna meet Wyatt on the first date. If they don't like it, tough."

At this point Paige returns home and wanders past them. Phoebe asks Paige where she has been, but Paige is so preoccupied that she doesn't respond. Realizing something is wrong, Phoebe and Piper go after her. When they finally get her attention, Paige explains that she "lost an innocent last night." She is confused why she didn't see it coming since all her other temp jobs had someone who needed her help. She feels even worse since he ended up saving her. Paige is also confused about WHY the demons were after Larry and how Larry seemed to know they were coming. Piper wonders if it's possible Paige wasn't meant to save Larry. Paige doesn't believe that. Phoebe points out that they can't save everyone; it's a lesson they have all learned unfortunately. They urge Paige not to blame herself.

In an alley somewhere, Leo is gliding his hands against a brick wall. He appears to be searching for something. Suddenly, a portal opens and Chris emerges from it, knocking Leo to the ground. Chris accuses Leo of following him. Leo realizes it's a time portal and asks what Chris is using it for. Chris refuses to answer. Leo pushes Chris into the portal then enters himself.

Chris and Leo tumble out of the portal, wondering where they are. It appears to be a desert. Chris claims he doesn't "know how to control it." They hear a loud roar and turn to see a large dinosaur, (a Tyrannosaurus Rex), moving toward them.

Elsewhere, Paige is comforting Larry's widow (Margaret), who is under the impression that Larry had a heart attack. Paige asks if Larry was acting differently right before he died. Margaret explains that they had been having money problems but then Larry was suddenly blessed with good luck. Paige is surprised to see Richard Callaway arrive at the wake.

Phoebe enters her office to find Spencer sitting at her desk. They immediately start to bicker. He complains that there are no good letters to respond to. Phoebe pulls a vial from her purse and throws it at him, turning him into a turkey. She is pleased but quickly realizes she can't leave him that way and uses a second vial to turn him human again. The look on Spencer's face implies he knows something weird happened.

Piper is waiting at P3 for her date to arrive. The man arrives and Piper tells him that her babysitter "cancelled at the last minute." Piper is surprised when the man is OK with the fact that she has a baby. While Piper's back is turned, the man sees orbs around Wyatt's eyes. He is freaked out and quickly leaves. Piper turns around just in time to see him go out the door. She picks up Wyatt and says "well, fine."

Paige and Richard are walking on a sidewalk. Richard explains that he is living in the house by himself now. After the feud ended, his mother moved back east and the rest of the family followed. They end up discussing Larry and whether or not they believe in fate. Paige says it's nice to be able to talk to someone about magic (other than her sisters). Richard asks what her sisters said about the situation with Larry. Paige tells him that they said to "let it go." Richard reminds her that if Paige had let it go with him, he would be dead. Paige isn't sure where to start and Richard suggest she summon Larry's ghost.

Somewhere in the underworld, a demon named Zahn is conducting an auction to sell people's souls. It is Larry's turn up for sale and Zahn is describing Larry to the audience of demons. Suddenly white lights surround Larry and he disappears. He reappears in the manor with Paige and Richard waiting for him. Larry is shocked to see Paige but urgently tells Paige to send him back "before Zahn gets pissed." Larry informs them that he made a deal with Zahn and if he doesn't hold up his end of the deal, his wife's soul will be taken also. At Paige's questioning, Larry admits that he made a Faustian deal.

Larry explains that Zahn came to him 5 years earlier when things weren't going well for him and offered a deal. After awhile Larry realized that things were going well for him because "Zahn was making me rich off other people's pain and freak accidents" and he tried to get out of the deal but he couldn't. So that's why he was giving so much to charity before he died.

At this point Piper returns home with Wyatt. Richard and Piper say "hi" to each other and she asks Paige what's going on. With a sheepish grin, Paige replies that she is "just summoning a ghost." Piper gives her an odd look then walks away. As she is putting Wyatt in a play-pen, Paige enters the room after her. They begin to argue. Paige claims she couldn't leave Larry to "rot in hell, or wherever he was" and Piper points out that is part of the problem, not knowing where Larry was could mean "all the demons in the underworld" could be out looking for Larry. Paige thinks that's even more reason to save him. Piper asks how Larry can be saved since he is already dead. Paige states that Larry's soul hasn't moved on, so she might be able to save it "before Zahn gets it." At Piper's questioning, Paige is forced to admit that she knows nothing about who Zahn is and what his powers are. Piper tells her that she knows Paige's search for a separate identify of her own is important, but Paige needs to stop going off on her own so much. Larry made the deal with his own free will. Paige thinks that just because Larry made a mistake in life, she shouldn't have to pay for it in death. Piper states that "actions have consequences." They can't clean up everyone's mistakes. Paige asks if she is just supposed to send Larry back. Piper takes a breath and says that if Paige is going to "bring danger into this house" she should talk to Phoebe and herself beforehand. Paige says she tried but they weren't supportive and Richard was. Piper states that Paige barely knows Richard. Paige says that "he seems to *get me* more than you" then she walks out of the room, leaving Piper looking exasperated.

Paige returns to Richard and Larry. She thanks Richard for his help, but tells him he "better go" promising to call him later. Then she turns to Larry, telling him to follow her upstairs because she intends to save his soul whether he likes it or not.

Chris and Leo are able to hide from the dinosaur in a small cave opening. Leo has to explain they couldn't orb because "magic won't be around until there are people to use it." Leo says the sooner they get back to their time, the less they will have to worry about it. Chris claims he can't because it's not an "exact science." Leo comments that Chris arriving from the future seemed exact. Chris explains that was from a spell and it only went backward in time, not forward. Leo correctly guesses that Chris was trying to make a portal to return to the future. Chris admits he wants to see if anything had changed yet. Leo's priority is to get "back home" and Chris all he has to do is "find the portal that dumped us here." Chris tells him to "watch out for the dinosaurs." Leo thinks Chris would like it if a dinosaur killed him.

LEO: "Wouldn't be the first time you tried to get rid of me."
CHRIS: "Think what you want. But know this, if we don't find a way back, Wyatt's screwed. If you don't believe me, believe that."

Meanwhile, Piper is on the phone with Phoebe. Piper has been trying to reach Chris and Leo but they obviously can't hear her. Phoebe thinks they should talk to them, because "they're never around when we need them anymore." Piper thinks they need to talk to Paige first about her "power-of-one kick" but Phoebe reminds her that they promised not to interfere. Piper claims that helping Richard's family is not the same as stealing souls from a demon. Piper points out that this is "clearly becoming a pattern" and she thinks they need to remind Paige they "have a shared-destiny to worry about too." Phoebe promises to return home quickly. Phoebe starts to leave her office but Spencer enters and tells her he found a letter for them to respond to. As usual, he is rude and Phoebe pulls a vial from her purse. She throws the potion at Spencer and he turns into a pig. Phoebe steps around him, leaving the office and locking the door behind her.

The doorbell has rung and Piper opens the door holding Wyatt. It's Piper's second date who is surprised that Piper is a mom. Piper tells him something has come up and she can't go on the date right now. She claims to understand if he doesn't want to reschedule. He has no problem with Piper having a child. A crashing noise upstairs causes Piper to look away and Wyatt's eyes *glow* with orbs. The man is freaked out and quickly leaves. Piper turns back to find him running away. Piper looks down at Wyatt suspiciously.

We quickly learn what had caught Piper's attention. Paige had found the page in the Book Of Shadows for Zahn and summoned him. Zahn is angry of course and has knocked Paige across the room with telekinesis. Paige throws a vial of potion at Zahn but he destroys it in mid-air with an energy ball. Paige is shocked that he has that power because the book described Zahn as a low level demon. Zahn says he hasn't "been low level in years" ever since he started trading souls for powers. He throws an energy ball at Paige but she orbs out to prevent getting hit. Piper enters the attic and Zahn uses telekinesis to send her flying back against the door. Zahn explains that even if they could vanquish him, it would "only make things worse for Larry" because he includes a protection clause in all his contracts stating that "all souls in my possession will burn in eternal flames upon my untimely demise." Zahn waves his fingers and the shackles appear around Larry's ankles and wrists. Then Zahn disappears, taking Larry with him. Paige looks sad and disappointed. Piper has a look that says *I told you so* but she doesn't say it.

Later Phoebe enters the attic with an ice pack for Piper and complains about Leo's absence. Paige is back at the book. She's confused why there is nothing in the book about how to break a Faustian deal since they have been around for centuries. Piper informs her it's because they can't be broken. Paige tells them she is not giving up on Larry. Phoebe points out that it's time she gives up because it's not just Paige anymore; it's affecting all of them. Piper and Phoebe both think they should go after Zahn before he gets anymore powerful. Paige reminds them that would cause "all those souls to burn." Piper states that those souls are already lost. Even though she has been outvoted, Paige refuses to listen to them and insists she will not sacrifice Larry's soul. Paige leaves the attic and goes to Richard's house and he can tell that she is upset.

Leo and Chris are searching for the portal. Leo tells Chris if either of them gets caught, the other should keep going. Leo explains he was just warning Chris that he intends to leave him behind if Chris is caught. Chris finds the portal just as the dinosaur comes around from the other side of the giant rock. Leo is startled and falls down. Chris can't bring himself to leave Leo behind and he runs to Leo and helps him up. They hurry toward the portal and jump into it, barely escaping the dinosaur. On the other side of the portal, they fall to the ground and Leo thanks Chris for not listening to him. Their relief is cut short when they are surrounded by Confederate soldiers, who ask if they are Yankees.

Paige tells Richard that she has an idea but he's concerned she will get hurt. Paige tells him she can't walk away and she will need his help. Richard agrees to help her.

Piper and Phoebe prepare to summon Zahn so they can vanquish him. They discuss whether or not Richard would use his magic to help Paige. Phoebe wonders if they should try talking to Paige one more time before doing this, but Piper disagrees, saying they need to vanquish Zahn quick before Paige "gets her pig-headed self killed." This reminds Phoebe that she had turned Spencer into a pig, but she'll have to deal with it later. They start the spell.

Down in the underworld, Zahn is surrounded by a swirl of light and he starts to form in the Halliwell attic. Phoebe and Piper are ready to throw vials of potion at him, but before Zahn is fully formed, he disappears. Zahn reappears at Richard's house. Paige tells Zahn she is going to make him an offer he "can't refuse."

Down in the underworld, Zahn hands a document to Paige for her to sign. It's a contract for Paige's soul in exchange for Larry's soul. He points out that it also contains the same clause as all his other contracts, "to protect me from your sisters of course." Paige signs the document and Larry's soul floats upward. Paige falls to the ground and her soul floats up out of her body wearing the same kind of beige gown as the other souls. Zahn picks up Paige's contract and walks through Paige's soul, to a door. He enters and we see a long hallway full of files, other people's contracts.

Phoebe and Paige start to panic that they can't find Paige. Chris and Leo still do not answer their call. The doorbell rings and they find it is Richard. He has come to tell them what Paige has done. Before he can really say anything though, Wyatt's eyes again glow with orbs. Richard asks if he does that often? Piper realizes this must be why all her dates rushed off. Richard explains that Paige has gone to Zahn and that Paige said they should "reverse the TO CALL A LOST SISTER spell" and it will take them right to Paige so they can save her.

Zahn steps out to speak to the demons who have gathered for the auction. He announces that he has "one of the most unique souls, a Charmed One, one of only three in existence." He continues that Paige's body and soul are to be auctioned off separately. He takes a few bids from the crowd but Piper and Phoebe appear. Piper blows up a grimlock. Phoebe channels the anger of another demon and vanquishes it with it's own energy ball. Paige's soul yells at Piper to blow up the vault, which she does. All of Zahn's contracts begin to burn. Paige's soul is sucked back into her body. Phoebe and Piper are safe to kill Zahn now so they throw their potions at him and he dies. Piper starts to complain to Paige but Paige stops her. Paige explains that luring them "down here" was the only way to destroy the contracts and all she had to do was find them first. Piper thinks DYING was taking it too far. Paige is pleased that Larry's soul moved on and she thinks she wasn't risking her life because she knew Piper and Phoebe would save her no matter how angry they were.

Later at P3, Phoebe and Piper are talking about Paige. Piper is still angry that Paige risked all their lives without discussing it with them. Piper explains that she doesn't expect to control Paige and that it's OK for Paige to "find her bliss" but she can't be doing it "at the risk of what we do." Phoebe agrees but also points out they need to find a way to compromise. Piper points out the article in the newspaper about Phoebe having to work with Spencer Ricks and Phoebe mutters that he's a pig, but "not literally anymore." Chris and Leo arrive. When asked where they were, Leo says it's a long story and Chris just says they were "a little lost" and it took some time to get back. Piper announces she has a date, who is not going to know about Wyatt for awhile. Phoebe leaves also. Chris and Leo remain at the bar and share a drink.

At Richard's place, Paige lights a candle for Larry, hoping he was able to find peace. Paige thanks Richard for his support and they kiss.

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