Synopsis of Chris-Crossed

Written by Brandee Mode

Paige arrives at P3 where Phoebe and Piper are waiting for her. They end up teasing her about all the extra time she has been spending at Richard's lately. She tells them she is just "an orb away" if they need her. Piper mentions they should not "stray too far" from each other or demons will take advantage of it. Paige says they have to live their lives though and doesn't want to still be living together in 50 years. Phoebe says they could all move to Hong Kong so she could be closer to Jason. Piper sarcastically asks how to say *dream on* in Chinese. Phoebe promptly responds with what I assume to be the correct way to say it in Chinese. Phoebe tells Piper to share the latest news about the fireman she has been dating. Paige is surprised; she didn't know Piper was dating a fireman. Phoebe explains to Paige that Piper has been dating the fireman for 3 weeks and so far she has been "avoiding taking the next step." Phoebe tells Piper to relax and "let it happen" but Piper claims it's not that simple: "you weren't the one sleeping with an angel for three years." Phoebe ends up mentioning when Piper was so nervous that she froze Leo during sex and starts to suggest Piper do that with the fireman (Greg) but Piper interrupts her.

Chris arrives and asks what they were talking about. Instead of answering, the sisters just laugh. Chris gives them a *whatever* look and starts walking away to work on the next demon. The sisters tell him to "come have a drink" but Chris is all business, telling them he "didn't come here to relax." After he's gone, Phoebe comments about Chris' attitude. Paige tells Piper to go talk to Chris, calling him a "guilt machine." Piper gets up to go talk to Chris.

Chris enters one of the back rooms, presumably the business office and he finds a woman dressed very sexily in tight black leather. Chris recognizes her immediately, and calls her by name: Bianca. He starts asking her questions about why she is there. She says that she will explain later and she suddenly plunges her fist into his chest. Chris' eyes go wide is surprise and he gasps with pain. At that moment, Piper comes in, sees what is happening and immediately blows up Bianca. Chris falls to the floor and Piper hurries over to help him. Chris tells Piper he thinks he's OK. Piper asks Chris who was attacking him, but Chris pretends he doesn't know. Outside in the alley behind P3, Bianca reforms, uninjured. She looks at P3 and appears angry. She shimmers out.

In the attic, Piper has Paige looking through the Book Of Shadows for the woman who attacked Chris. Piper had noticed a tattoo on her wrist that looked like a bird. Chris tells them he's fine and they shouldn't worry about it. Leo asks Piper why she thinks the woman wasn't a darklighter. Phoebe can't think of anyone else who would go after a whitelighter. Leo claims that is what worries him. Chris tries again to get them to disregard what happened. Leo wonders, if she was a stranger, how did she get close enough to Chris to do put her hand in his chest. During this Chris has been pacing and he steps on a floorboard that creaks. He tells them, they should fix the floor. Chris suggests that perhaps the woman was not after him, that maybe she was actually trying to get to the Charmed Ones. Paige thinks that makes sense. Chris claims he "has work to do" and leaves the room.

Leo asks Phoebe if she sensed anything from Chris. Phoebe admits she didn't sense anything and says that she never can. Leo thinks if they could find out who the woman was, they "might be able to find out who Chris is." Paige announces that they can't do that until they have more information, and "you know where I'm gonna be if you need me." Phoebe says she needs to leave too. Leo is surprised that they are leaving. Once they're out of the room, he asks Piper if she is really going to "let them go." Piper responds that "they have lives too" and they can't do anything else anyway. Leo thinks they need to continue trying to find the demon who attacked Chris. The doorbell rings. Leo tells Piper to keep looking in the book while he answers the door. He orbs out and Piper tries unsuccessfully to stop him.

Leo gets downstairs and opens the door to find Greg (the fireman). Piper comes down the stairs and tells Greg she is running a little late. She gives Greg a kiss and Leo looks surprised. Piper makes brief introductions and asks Leo if he can handle things here. Leo agrees and promises to call if anything comes up.

Chris is in the bathroom looking in the mirror. He looks sad, angry and confused all at the same time. He unbuttons part of his shirt to reveal a large wound on his chest that looks similar to a very bad burn. Chris pulls a silver engagement ring out of his pocket and looks at it, then looks back at the mirror.

The next scene appears to be a memory that Chris has. It takes place in the future, before Chris traveled back in time. It shows the Golden Gate bridge severely damaged and the camera moves down to show Chris and Bianca sitting on a bench, in what was once a garden, but is now mostly rubble. Chris puts the ring on Bianca's finger. She is dressed differently of course and seems to be more caring than the cold-hearted woman we saw at the beginning of the episode. She is surprised and confused that he is asking her "now" and she looks around. Chris tells her that "this is still our spot" no matter what "he's done to it." She asks him to come back to her safely. They kiss, but are interrupted by a small flying metal object. It transmits a beam of light toward Bianca. Chris uses telekinesis to fling it into a statue and it explodes. Chris is angry that "he's sending probes" after them and threatens to kill *him* but Bianca tells Chris to stick with the plan. Chris is worried that *he* knows, but Bianca thinks *he* would have come himself if he knew what they were planning to do. She tells him that he "has to go back" because that is the "only way to change all this." The scene changes back to present time, with Chris still staring into the mirror, lost in thought. He sighs and he looks like he's getting tired.

Richard enters his bedroom carrying a tray with breakfast on it. Paige is impressed. She tells him that she could easily get used to this. Richard asks Paige if she has told her sisters she plans to move out. She admits that she hasn't, claiming it never seems to be the right time. She mentions "family obligations," the fact that they ARE stronger together. Richard thinks Paige has an obligation to her own happiness. Paige's cell phone rings. Leo is calling to say they need her.

Paige orbs into the manor, only partially dressed. Leo comments on this but Paige brushes it off. Leo tells Paige he thinks Chris was attacked by a Phoenix. Leo explains what they are by reading from the Book Of Shadows:

"A family of assassin witches who are very elite, very powerful and who are born with the distinctive birthmark symbolizing their rise from Salem's ashes."

Leo points out that they don't give up once they have a target, so Chris is still in danger. Paige asks if Leo has told Phoebe and Piper yet but he hasn't because Phoebe is at work and Piper came in late the night before and he didn't want to bother her. Paige asks if Piper came home alone but Leo doesn't know. Piper enters the room and Leo is embarrassed. He quickly makes an excuse to leave the room, by going to the kitchen for coffee and tells Paige to give Piper the latest news.

Paige tells Piper that a "coven of assassin witches" called The Phoenix are after Chris. Then she admits, the conversation shifted to Piper's sex life. She asks Piper if she "brought anyone home" the night before. Piper doesn't really want to discuss it, but admits that the answer is no. Paige suggests that maybe Greg is just not the right guy. Piper protests that Greg is not the problem; it feels weird because as a mother, she feels like she is betraying Wyatt somehow. Piper glances at the book and suggests it's time to call Phoebe. Paige doesn't want to bother Phoebe and suggests they handle it themselves, pointing out that Piper blew up the last one without needing the power of three. Paige continues with

PAIGE: "We need to try out this whole *Power Of Two* thing - learn how to be flexible, right?" Paige hurries off to get a scrying crystal before Piper can say anything.

Over at the newspaper office, Elise reminds Phoebe that she has offered her some time off and she should go to Hong Kong to be with Jason. Phoebe says it would just be another airport in another city. Elise tries again, pointing out that Phoebe can send her column in by email or fax and when she suggested taking some time away, she didn't mean a vacation, she thinks Phoebe should move to Hong Kong for awhile and "give it a shot." Elise explains that there is a "whole generation" of women who followed "the dream" and "built successful careers," but they had to give up a lot to do so.

ELISE: "I'm not saying they all made mistakes, because some of them are very happy. But some of us aren't. Trust me, you don't want to wake up one day and realize all you've got is your career."

When Phoebe realizes Elise is talking about herself, Phoebe starts to consider the offer. Somewhere else in the city, Paige and Piper arrive at an apartment. A woman named Lynn opens the door and Paige claims they are new neighbors. Piper says they are from Phoenix and Lynn invites them inside. Lynn locks the door behind them and young girl runs in from another room. She appears to be 4 or 5 years old. Lynn tells "Bianca" to "give mommy a minute." Paige and Piper notice the girl has a tattoo on her wrist and give each other a look. Lynn quickly ushers the girl back into her bedroom. Lynn closes the door and immediately throws an energy ball at Piper and Paige. Piper immediately motions and Lynn explodes. Piper and Paige rush to the bedroom, to find Lynn reforming next to her daughter. Lynn and young Bianca simmer out. They realize the Phoenix witch Piper blew up at the beginning of the episode must have reformed also.

With difficulty, Chris orbs to the same garden we saw in the future, but here in the present nothing is destroyed. Chris is weak and Bianca is waiting for him. She tells him that he shouldn't orb because it could kill him. He asks if that is what she wants, she admits if she wanted him dead, he already would be. She claims that she only wants to take him back to the future. They talk about the garden being their "spot" and Chris reminds her this is what they were trying to preserve. Bianca thinks they were naïve to think they could stop *him*. Chris asks how *he* was able to turn Bianca back. Bianca claims it's not important. She points out that she was interrupted when she was trying to strip Chris of his powers and if she doesn't finish it soon, it will kill him. Chris thinks he'll die "here or there" so it doesn't matter. Bianca claims that *he* promised not to hurt Chris and asks Chris not to make this harder than it has to be.. She lunges for him but he orbs out, barely escaping her grasp.

Back at the manor, Piper and Paige are telling Phoebe and Leo about their experience with the Phoenix witch and her daughter. They assume the little girl was 4 or 5 years old. They are interrupted by Chris orbing in. He immediately collapses to the floor, partially conscious. Everyone rushes over to Chris and as they look down at him Chris mutters Bianca's name. The show goes to commercial.

The show returns with Chris now lying on the couch. Leo opens Chris' shirt and we see the large wound on Chris' chest. Leo tries to heal Chris but nothing happens. Leo says something is draining Chris's powers and preventing him from healing Chris. They think it must have to do with Bianca. They assume the two know each other in the future. Piper reminds everyone that Phoenix witches are "hired guns" so someone must have sent her to kill Chris. Phoebe starts to sense something from Chris. She kneels next to Chris and suddenly realizes that Chris is in love with Bianca but "she broke his heart." Chris is still mostly unconscious, but opens his hand enough to show he's holding Bianca's engagement ring. Piper takes the ring and announces that they can use it to scry for Bianca. As she leaves the room, Piper tells Phoebe and Paige to start on a vanquishing potion in case Bianca refuses to co-operate.

Chris experiences another memory from the future: The manor has been turned into "Halliwell Memorial Museum" and a female tour guide leads a group of people through the house. She tells them not to take holographs and no magic is allowed inside. A probe hovers nearby and the guide tells everyone that it is "only scanning for witches." Chris and Bianca have joined them at the back of the group. Chris uses telekinesis to turn the probe around as he and Bianca walk past. The guide motions toward some mannequins that are wearing the super-hero costumes the sisters wore in season 5 and another is wearing the mermaid costume Phoebe had worn. The guide explains that "the charmed ones were responsible for well over a thousand demon vanquishes before they were finally vanquished themselves." The guide pushes a button, the lights grow dim and a holographic re-enactment plays of the time when Piper and Paige were first introduced under the chandelier. The guide is announcing that this happened 25 years ago. The hologram continues with Shax bursting through the door and the crowd gasps.

The guide turns off the hologram and continues the tour. She leads the group of people toward the kitchen to show where the sisters made a lot of their potions and she mentions that some of them are for sale in the gift shop. The guide explains that "the attic was the preferred" place to make potions because that is where they kept the Book Of Shadows and that is their next stop. The group leaves the kitchen, but Chris and Bianca stay behind. A demon guard shimmers in behind them and tells them to get moving. Chris and Bianca just stand there. When the guard gets closer, Bianca conjures a dagger. She quickly turns and vanquishes him with the knife. Chris stares at Bianca with an odd look on his face. Bianca urges him to hurry and they quickly enter the basement before anyone else notices them.

In the basement, Bianca tells Chris they should be safe there until the museum closes and then they can get the book. She notices an odd look on Chris' face and asks what's wrong. Chris admits that sometimes he forgets who Bianca "really is." She corrects him, that's who she "used to be," before she met him. He asks what they should do while waiting for the museum to close. She answers that they should "say goodbye" and she takes off her shirt.

In the present, adult Bianca has returned to her childhood home and is frantically searching for something. Her mother Lynn shimmers in and asks who she is. Bianca shows her Phoenix birthmark and calls Lynn mother. Bianca impatiently explains that she needs their Grimoire to "get the Charmed Ones off my tail fast" and she doesn't want to make the "same mistake a thousand other demons have made." Lynn shows her the Grimoire which is considerably thinner than the Book Of Shadows. Bianca plans to use an "inhibition spell." Lynn doesn't understand how that will help. As she searches the Grimoire, Bianca explains that she has studied the Charmed Ones history and knows "this is when they all want separate lives." She believes the inhibition spell will get them to pursue those separate lives. The spell only needs to last long enough to distract the Charmed Ones so Bianca can get what she came for. Lynn is disappointed that adult Bianca is leaving so soon and asks if she can do anything to help. Bianca tells her that when young Bianca asks what it's like to kill, "don't lie to me, don't tell me you don't feel a thing." Bianca shimmers out.

At the house, Leo is tending Chris who is still unconscious. The sisters enter and announce they have located adult Bianca at her mother's house. Piper gives Leo the engagement ring to hold for Chris, in case he wants it later. They prepare to leave, but a glow floats over them. They look disoriented for a moment, then suddenly Paige announces she is moving in with Richard and Phoebe decides to go "check out what's going on in Hong Kong." Leo is shocked but Piper thinks it's a great idea. Leo realizes they must be under a spell and tells them to fight it. Phoebe claims she can't fight her own heart and Piper chimes in that you can't fight hormones either. Phoebe asks Paige to drop her off on her way to Richard's. Paige and Phoebe orb out. Piper starts walking upstairs. Leo is not sure what to do and looks down at Chris, who continues to mumble incoherently.

Chris is still dreaming of right before he traveled back in time. Chris and Bianca cautiously enter the attic. Bianca is telling him to "stick to your cover story" but Chris is worried "they" will find out who he really is. He is also worried about losing his powers when he goes back in time. Bianca reassures him that the spell they are going to use will allow him to keep his powers. She reminds him that protecting Wyatt will protect the Charmed Ones and keep them alive for our future. Chris steps on a loose floorboard that makes a creaking sound. He worries that he won't make it back but she reminds he that he'll have to make it back if he wants to marry her. By now they are standing in front of a hologram of the Book Of Shadows on a stand.

BIANCA: "Are you sure you can summon the real book? Away from him?"
CHRIS: "Yeah, but we won't have much time once it gets here. His demons will be all over us."

Bianca says they won't need much time, just long enough to send Chris "back to them." Bianca starts drawing a triquatra on the wall.

Piper returns downstairs, having gotten dressed up. Leo tells her she can't leave, but Piper just says "wish me luck" and walks out the door. Leo turns back toward Chris and gets kicked in the face by Bianca. Leo goes flying across the room and lands on the floor unconscious. Bianca leans down to Chris and puts her hand on his chest. She tells him they are going home and the two of them shimmer out.

The scene changes to a fire station. The camera moves upward to the top of a fire truck, where we see Piper under a blanket with Greg. They are kissing and it's obvious that they don't have all their clothes on. Greg pulls back long enough to ask if she is sure about this and she starts to reassure him, but is startled to see that Leo has arrived. Piper quickly freezes Greg and asks Leo what he is doing there. Leo tosses a vial at Piper and it goes poof. Piper is disoriented and confused how she and Leo ended up at the fire house. Leo explains that Bianca put a spell on her to lower her inhibitions. Piper looks around and is dismayed to see Greg under the blanket (still frozen). Leo admits that Bianca took Chris and he wants Piper's help to break the spell on Paige and Phoebe so they can get Chris back. Piper tells Leo to turn around while she gets dressed because Leo doesn't "get to see anymore." Leo smiles and turns around.

Leo and Piper orb into Richard's bedroom. Paige and Richard are in bed, under the covers and are embarrassed at being interrupted. Leo hits Paige with a vial like he did with Piper and Paige has a brief moment of disorientation. Piper tells Paige there's no time to explain, they have to go get Phoebe in order to save Chris.

Bianca has taken Chris to her mother's apartment, although the mother is not there. Bianca has her hand in Chris' chest, and is telling him that he will feel better when she is finished. After a few moments, Bianca pulls her hand out and Chris becomes coherent again. Bianca claims she saved his life by finishing the removal of his powers. She starts drawing a triquatra on the wall. Chris questions how she plans to return him to the future since the spell he used "only goes backwards in time." Bianca explains that *he* created a new spell because of Chris; a spell that works both ways. Bianca tells Chris it really is "for the best" that they return to the future because if she fails to take Chris back *he* will send more assassins that will only need to bring back his dead body. Chris states that it doesn't matter because there is nothing left for him in the future anyway. Chris takes the engagement ring from his pocket and tosses it onto the coffee table. Bianca looks at the ring, then stares at Chris for a moment then returns to drawing the triquatra.

The scene shifts to Bianca in the future drawing the triquatra. She finishes and tells Chris it's time. He doesn't want to leave her behind. She takes off the engagement ring and gives it to him, explaining that it will remind him of why they are sending him back in time and that she will be waiting for him in the future. Chris tells her that once she takes care of the guards, she needs to leave fast so *he* doesn't kill her for her betrayal. Chris stands in front of the stand where the holographic Book Of Shadow is and says a the following spell:

I call upon the ancient power
To help us in this darkest hour
Let the book return to this place
Claim refuge its rightful space

The real Book Of Shadows appears mid-air and drops to the stand, causing the holographic book to disappear. Chris quickly begins searching for the spell he needs. He finds it and starts saying it:

Here these words, hear the rhyme
Heed the hope within my mind
Send me back to where I'll find
What I wish in place and time

A portal opens and at the same time a guard appears behind Bianca. She flips the guard to the floor and tells Chris to "go!" Chris hesitates for a moment but then jumps into the portal.

In the present, Chris tells her that he won't enter the portal willingly and Bianca says she realizes that. Chris asks how she "can be so cold" pretending they never meant anything to each other. Bianca claims she doesn't have a choice. Chris begs her not to give up on everything they fought for. She tells him that she is hoping they find another way. Then Paige orbs in with Piper and Phoebe.

Almost at the same time, Piper throws a vial at Bianca and Bianca throws a knife toward Piper. The knife shatters the vial in mid-air and Piper freezes the knife right in front of her. Bianca shimmers back in, grabs the knife and holds it against Piper's throat. Paige steps toward them, but Bianca points out that she could kill Piper before Paige can get to her. She also says then Paige "really will have to hope the Power Of Two" will suffice. Bianca comments that they would be surprised at "what's in the history books." Paige and Phoebe put down their vials but Bianca does not release Piper. Chris tells Bianca he will go with her if she let's Piper go. Chris reminds Bianca that if she kills Piper, there won't be a future for them to return to. Phoebe asks that means, but Bianca responds that Phoebe will find out if she lives long enough. Bianca pulls the knife away and she walks toward the portal with Chris. Paige urges Piper to freeze them and Piper gestures with her hands but no one freezes. Everyone is shocked. Piper understands why Bianca did not freeze but is confused why Chris didn't freeze. Chris admits that he is "part witch, part whitelighter" just like Paige, who is shocked that he lied. Chris claims it was the only way to get them to trust him, but it doesn't matter anymore. Piper questions that he is leaving with explaining. Chris informs them he has no choice because Bianca removed his powers. Chris pauses then tells them that Leo will have to fix the floorboard without him. Bianca waves her hand and a portal opens within the triquatra on the wall. She and Chris step into it and the portal closes.

[All she did was wave her hand to open the portal? I thought she had to say a spell first?]

Bianca and Chris emerge from the portal, into the attic in the future. The portal closes and they are immediately surrounded by guards. A man stands behind them, his face hidden by shadows. The man tells Chris "welcome home" as he steps forward and Chris responds with "Hello, Wyatt." The show goes to commercial.

When the show returns, the sisters have returned home and they are all in the attic. Leo is there too, pacing back and forth. Paige and Phoebe couldn't find anything in the book to help. They wonder how Bianca traveled to the future. Piper mentions when she went to the future before with Phoebe and Prue. Leo claims the elders made that happen and it was a unique situation. Leo's response implies he doesn't know how to do it anyway.

[I think I remember it that they went to the future because they said a spell not because of the elders sending them. The elders returned them to the present AFTER the spell was cast. Maybe I need to watch that episode again.]

Phoebe comments that she isn't sure if she wants to "save him kick his ass." Leo defends Chris by pointing out he has done a lot of good things since he arrived. The sisters are surprised at Leo's response and Leo claims that he believes Chris really did come back to protect Wyatt and that is enough for Leo to want to help Chris. Leo continues to pace and the floorboard creaks a few more times. It catches the sisters' attention and they realize Chris was trying to tell them something. They correctly assume that Bianca has taken Chris to the attic in the future and decide to use the floorboard to send Chris his powers.

In the future, Wyatt steps on the creaky floorboard as he approaches Chris and Bianca. He tells the guards that Chris and Bianca are not a threat and the guards shimmer out. Wyatt thinks Chris betrayed him. Chris states that he went back to save Wyatt from "whatever evil" it was that "turned" Wyatt. Wyatt thinks that has always been Chris' problem - being stuck "in the old good versus evil morass." Wyatt claims he is past that and "it's all about power."

WYATT: "That's why I keep this... museum intact. To remind everyone the power from which I was born, and that which I possess."

CHRIS: "Too bad the rest of the city isn't fairing as well as your little shrine here."

Wyatt reminds them that if anyone else had tried what Chris tried, "I'd kill them on the spot" and he informs Chris that he has forgiven Bianca, he could forgive Chris too, IF Chris promises never to cross Wyatt again. Chris says Wyatt should know him "better than that" and Wyatt angrily tells Bianca that he thought she could "talk some sense into him." Chris tells Wyatt to leave Bianca out of it. Wyatt is immediately angry that Chris dared to give him an order. Wyatt uses telekinesis to choke Chris, then flings him back against the wall.

In the present, Paige hurriedly writes a spell on a piece of paper and hands it to Phoebe, who hurries to Piper (near the creaking floorboard). Leo lifts the edge of the floorboard and Piper puts the spell under it. Leo returns the floorboard to its normal position.

Chris gets thrown across the room in the other direction and Bianca yells at Wyatt that he promised not to hurt Chris. Wyatt responds that she was supposed to turn Chris. Bianca rushes to Chris and tells him that she did not bring him back to the future to die. Chris tells her that he knows what he is doing, he hesitates for a moment then runs toward Wyatt, as though he (Chris) were going to tackle him (Wyatt) but Wyatt easily pushes Chris away and Chris crashes into some furniture. With a look of slight confusion on his face, Wyatt asks Chris if he has lost his mind. Wyatt again uses telekinesis to choke Chris while suspending him in mid-air. Wyatt forms an energy ball with his other hand, telling Chris "I don't NEED you" but suddenly Bianca attacks Wyatt from behind, plunging her hand into his back, causing Wyatt to gasp. The energy ball dissipates and Chris falls to the floor. Bianca is struggling with it and tells Chris to hurry up and do whatever he plans to do because she can't hold Wyatt for long.

Chris rushes to the loose floorboard and removes it. He takes the spell out, which is now looking like a 25-year-old piece of paper. He quickly reads the spell:

Powers of the witches rise,
Come to me across the skies
Return my magic, give me back
All that was taken, from the attack

White light floats over Chris, returning his powers. Wyatt breaks loose from Bianca's hold and kicks her. Bianca flies backward across the room. Chris uses telekinesis to send Wyatt flying against a wall, then rushes to Bianca. Bianca has fallen onto a broken table leg, which now pokes through the front of her stomach from behind, like a skewer. She looks weak and tries to smile. She hands the engagement ring back to him, telling Chris to finish what they started. She also reminds him to take the spell too so Wyatt can't send anyone else after Chris. Wyatt begins to wake up as Chris reads the spell. Wyatt throws an energy ball, but Chris ducks and the energy ball hits a window. The portal opens; Chris rips the page from the book and runs into the portal.

[I don't understand how Chris taking the spell with him, will prevent Wyatt from sending anyone else. Can't Wyatt remember the spell? Or even write another one?]

Chris comes flying out of the wall in the present and tumbles to the floor. He stands and thanks them for the spell. Phoebe comments that they just put the spell under the floorboard "like 2 seconds ago" and Leo starts to explain the way time travel works. Phoebe cuts him off, telling him she doesn't want to know because it's already giving her a headache. Piper tells Chris that he has a lot of explaining to do. Chris apologizes for lying and Piper says it's time he tells them everything. Chris states that he can't tell them everything, "not because I don't want to" but because telling them everything would change the future too much. Paige points out the whole reason he came back was to change the future. Chris replies that it's supposed to be "more like a surgical strike" to save Wyatt. Phoebe asks about Bianca and Chris tells them that Bianca "won't be a threat to anyone anymore." Chris asks if they are still OK with him hanging around. Leo answers for everyone, telling Chris he can stay but from now on he needs to tell them when he is in trouble because trust works both ways. Chris lets out a sigh of relief, the goes downstairs.

Chris pauses in the doorway to Piper's bedroom and looks at Wyatt, standing in the play-pen. By the look on his face, we can tell that is only thinking of adult-Wyatt. Chris tells baby-Wyatt, "If I can't save you, I swear to God I'll stop you." Then Chris walks away.

The three sisters sit and the dining room table. It's obvious that Piper asked to speak to them. Piper tells them it is time to make some changes. She tells Phoebe to go live in Hong Kong with Jason and Paige should go live with Richard. Paige claims she never said that but Piper reminds her that the inhibition spell said it for her. Phoebe doesn't want to leave Piper alone. Piper thinks they shouldn't keep sacrificing what they want because Mom, Grams and Prue put their lives on hold because of magic and "look what happened to them." Paige worries that going their separate ways won't work out, but Piper tells her they can worry about it then. Paige and Phoebe both reach for one of Piper's hands. The show ends with the three of them sitting at the table holding hands.

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