Synopsis of Witchness Protection

Written by Brandee Mode

Piper and Leo are with the kids having a family portrait taken when the other avatars stop time and tell Leo that they need him to go protect someone who is under attack that very moment. They leave, time restarts, they have one picture taken and Leo walks out, leaving Piper frustrated. Turns out the person Leo goes to save is the Seer (Charisma Carpenter). She has some information that will help destroy the other demons so they are trying to kill her before she can tell the elders what the information is.

Paige wants to get more serious in her relationship with FBI agent Kyle Brody and Phoebe had advised her to make him a home-cooked meal but since Paige can't cook well, Piper cooks the meal for Paige. Leo brings the Seer to the manor.

In the underworld a group of demons discuss how to kill the Seer. Since she is now protected by The Charmed Ones, one of them suggests they release a demon named Zankou who had been imprisoned by The Source because he was a threat. That demons gets killed by another demon who says they should be able to go up against the Charmed Ones if they do it as a group.

After Kyle and Paige finish dinner, Phoebe hurries past them to answer the doorbell. Kyle and Paige go up to her bedroom for romance. It's Darryl at the door who is worried about his lack of information during his search for Inspector Sheridian. Darryl think Kyle did something bad to Sheridan and if so, Paige should know about it. Darryl gives Phoebe a pen that might have belonged to Sheridan.

After hearing crashing from the attic, Phoebe, Paige and Kyle hurry upstairs to find a group of demons have appeared to attack the Seer, but Piper and Leo quickly vanquish them. The Seer wants to be made human in exchange for the information, something only the elders can do for her. The group insists that the Seer give them something first. She tells them she knows the avatars could be there any minute. Kyle gets a weird look on his face and rushes out.

When Leo gets the chance to be alone, he talks to the other elders, he's hesitant about protecting & trusting the Seer but the other avatars remind him that if she can show her vision to the sisters, then they will have to believe that the avatars are not evil. In the underworld, there's more talk about if they should release Zankou and the group finally agrees that they should let Zankou out of his prison.

Phoebe tries to get a premonition off the Seer but she can't. The Seer offers to help find Sheridan if that will make Phoebe trust her more. Paige has followed Kyle back to his apartment where he has gone to get an Avatar vanquishing potion. He got it when he was a child and witnessed his parents get killed by demons who were after the potion.

Leo tells Odin about the Seer and everything that's going on. Odin orbs out to discuss it with the other elders. The Seer takes Phoebe and (and Darryl) to find Sheridan in a mental hospital, strapped to a bed where she looks like she is in a coma. Phoebe tries to call Paige but Paige does not answer her cell phone because she is busy having sex with Kyle.

In the underworld, Zankou is released. He kills a shape-shifter to steal the power. Piper and Leo go to Kyle's apartment and tell Paige about Sheridan, but Paige already knows because Kyle told her. Paige is not worried about it because Kyle was doing it to prevent Sheridan from telling everyone about them being witches. Piper tells them that they don't have time to settle that now, they need to worry about the Seer and she tells Paige to get dressed so they can get back to the manor. Paige refuses to go with Piper and Leo.

At the manor, Phoebe and the Seer have bonded and after some urging, the Seer relents and touches hands with Phoebe so that Phoebe can see the vision, which is: Wyatt and Chris about 7 or 8 year old running toward Phoebe (with really long hair) looks like they are just getting out of school for the day. Phoebe's daughter is with them, she looks to be about 5. The girls is scared because Chris was teasing her about demons, but the Phoebe in the vision tells her daughter that demons don't exist anymore because of the avatars. Then the vision changes to a cave where the Seer gets killed by Zankou.

Phoebe: "Now I'm really worried about Paige. Kyle's hell-bent on destroying something that could be good."
Piper: "We can't be sure about this yet. Even you made the Avatar future sound threatening."
Seer: "Well, duh, if I'd made it sound all peachy, think you would've helped me? Fact is, I saw no threats. How about you Leo?"

The Seer makes it clear that it's time to tell Leo's secret. Leo admits that he knows the avatars are not evil because he is one. He says they can have the normal life they have always wanted. Since the elders won't believe that the Seer's vision is utopia, Phoebe goes with Leo and shows Odin the vision himself. After seeing the vision, Odin is still disbelieving, assuming it must be a trick.

Back at the house, Paige orbs in to find some clothes and Piper tells her about Phoebe seeing the Seer's vision and that it was good. Piper tells Paige they need to keep an open mind that the avatars might be actually be good. Paige refuses to consider the possibility and storms into her bedroom, slamming the door.

Piper goes upstairs where the Seer is now wearing of Phoebe's dresses. Piper gives the Seer a bag of clothes and asks about what name she will use. The Seer admits that her name is (and always has been) Kira but everyone just calls her "the seer". Phoebe enters and tells Piper the demons will be coming soon and she should go down and get the potions. Phoebe morphs to reveal that it's not really Phoebe, it is Zankou and he vanquishes Kira just as Piper, Leo and the real Phoebe enter the room.

Phoebe decides that she wants to meet the avatars but Leo is hesitant. Piper thinks this is the best time. Leo closes his eyes then the other 3 avatars appear. Piper says "we're listening" and that is the end of the episode.

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