Julian McMahon, Brian Krause and Dorian Gregory appeared on the talk show The Other Half on Friday, March 29th

Transcribed by Jessica

H: Hosts
J: Julian McMahon
B: Brian Krause
D: Dorian Gregory

H: Out next guests create the magic whenever they are together. They all star in the WB network's supernatural series Charmed. Please give a big welcome to Brian Krause, Julian McMahon, and Dorian Gregory.


H: Nice to see you guys.

More applause. All three get up and wave. Julian takes a mike, and runs over to the audience.

J: Will you be my date?

H: Mayhem here. You're very quick. But I want to ask about the witches right off the bat. I think you work with the hottest girls on TV. Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, Rose McGowan, a great addition. How do you all like working with these ladies?

D: I dig it. Everyday, and I get paid for it!

J: It's usually a very well run set. We get our stuff done. It's very specific and oriented on getting our work done, so... (He also said something about 12 hour days, but I couldn't quite make out when, where)

H: And your character, Cole...

J: Correct.

H: Is actually getting married to Alyssa Milano.

J: I did last week, actually.

H: I'm sorry, do you have an accent on the show. Do you?

J: (High pitches, very funny voice) Well, I do actaully. Very secret demonic accent.


H: But you don't have an accent on the show, do you?

J: Well, it depends on where you're coming from. I'm Australian, so you all have accents to me.


H: Oh, okay, now I get it. I have a very serious question for you. Why is Russell Crow such a jerk?

?: That his...

J: Now, you can say that because you can beat the crap outta him. I have seen you go. I ain't getting in on that one.

H: When you get together with the girls. These women are all beautiful and all big stars. Are there days when they lock themselves in the trailors and catfights?

D: We're so professional.

J: He's so lying. And particularly the girls. When they step outta line, I tell you, it's all over.

H: Why do you think viewers have been attacted to the show? Why has it become such a cult hit?

J: Oh, because of us.

H: I knew you were going to say that. I think you've got these ladies all fired up, and they're dying to know, are you single?

J: The ladies got us all fired up.

All (I think) say, yes they are single, but I am not sure about Brian, I really couldn't tell. (Sorry about this last half. I was really in a rush to finsh, and so, I kinda skimped on some parts, abbreviating, summarizing, etc. Sorry!!)

H: If you can, I want each of you to describe the perfect girlfriend in a few words.

B: I would say smart, uh, strong, uh, fun. You know.

H: That is such a TV...

B: No! I always think of a girl who could, you know, be like a survivalist, you know, you know, like if you had to cross the country on foot, or on a horse. If she could survive that, then there is a woman! I need a survivalist!

H: Now there's are great first date!

Jokes around!

J: (His answer to the question) One that puts out.


D: Ambitious, independant, a women who will make me grow, challenge me, make me strong.


H: OK, now to the emails. These can be serious. Jennifer from Georgia asks (paraphrase) Can a marriage be saved after an affair? How?

J: Oh, I am getting a big no from everyone down there.

D: Alright No! Actually I think it can, except the man has to put out 5000%...

H: Wait a minute, why is it a man?!

D stands up, protests

H: No, it's Jennifer from Georgia.

D: I thought it was the man who was doing something.

J: Sit down muscles.

H: I agree with you. I think a marriage can be saved. You just have to get in there and work, work, work.

J: Something about forgiveness, I couldn't make it out.

H: OK, going on. This is from Wendy in Illinios. Oh, this is weird (paraphrase) Boyfriend's dad flirts with her. What to do?

J: How far did it go before it got weird?

B: Tell the boyfriend. And then, if it goes beyond that, take it to a higher level.

?(Lots): No, hold off on that. Take it if you can. Let him know.

H: Tell his wife!


H: Susan from South Dakota: How many dates before you have sex?

D: Oh, I want that one! I have a year rule! No, no, five.

J: Regarding the circumstances, chemistry, how you act, that's what matters.

B: I think what Julian said is basically right, it depends on who you are, where you are at emotionally, and stuff.

There was some jokes about how Brian and Julian were "dating" and they are still friends. And then, there was the thanks for visiting and it was over.