Syndicated episodes on TNT

TNT shows old syndicated episodes of Charmed. Here is a tentative schedule:

Thur. Oct. 26 4pm All Halliwell's Eve (S3)
Thur. Oct. 26 5pm Sight Unseen (S3)
Fri. Oct. 27 8am When Bad Warlocks Go Good (S1)
Fri. Oct. 27 9am Blind Sided (S1)
Fri. Oct. 27 4pm Primrose Empath (S3)
Fri. Oct. 27 5pm Power Outage (S3)
Mon. Oct. 30 8am The Power of Two (S1)
Mon. Oct. 30 9am Love Hurts (S1)
Mon. Oct. 30 4pm Sleuthing with the Enemy (S3)
Mon. Oct. 30 5pm Coyote Piper (S3)
Tue. Oct. 31 8am Deja Vu All Over Again (S1)
Tue. Oct. 31 9am Witch Trial (S2)
Tue. Oct. 31 4pm We All Scream for Ice Cream (S3)
Tue. Oct. 31 5pm Blinded by the Whitelighter (S3)
Wed. Nov. 1 8am Morality Bites (S2)
Wed. Nov. 1 9am The Painted World (S2)
Wed. Nov. 1 4pm Wrestling with Demons (S3)
Wed. Nov. 1 5pm Bride and Gloom (S3)
Thur. Nov. 2 8am The Devil's Music (S2)
Thur. Nov. 2 9am She's a Man, Baby, a Man! (S2)
Thur. Nov. 2 4pm The Good, the Bad and the Cursed (S3)
Thur. Nov. 2 5pm Just Harried (S3)
Fri. Nov. 3 8am That Old Black Magic (S2)
Fri. Nov. 3 9am They're Everywhere (S2)
Fri. Nov. 3 4pm Death Takes a Halliwell (S3)
Fri. Nov. 3 5pm PreWitched (S3)
Mon. Nov. 6 8am P3 H2O (S2)
Mon. Nov. 6 9am Ms. Hellfire (S2)
Mon. Nov. 6 4pm Sin Francisco (S3)
Mon. Nov. 6 5pm The Demon Who Came in From the Cold (S3)
Tue. Nov. 7 8am Heartbreak City (S2)
Tue. Nov. 7 9am Reckless Abandon (S2)
Tue. Nov. 7 4pm Exit Strategy (S3)
Tue. Nov. 7 5pm Look Who's Barking (S3)
Wed. Nov. 8 8am Awakened (S2)
Wed. Nov. 8 9am Animal Pragmatism (S2)
Wed. Nov. 8 4pm All Hell Breaks Loose (S3)
Wed. Nov. 8 5pm Hell Hath No Fury (S4)
Thur. Nov. 9 8am Pardon My Past (S2)
Thur. Nov. 9 9am Give Me a Sign (S2)