Season 5, Episode 21: Oh My Goddess!

It's not nice to piss off Mother Nature.

2-hour season finale

Aired: Sunday, May 11, 2003

Rating: 4.4/7 (overnight metered market ratings)

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Part 1 written by Krista Vernoff and Curtis Kheel
Part 2 written by Daniel Cerone
Part 1 directed by Jonathan West
Part 2 directed by Joel J. Feigenbaum

Guest starring
Drew Fuller as Chris Perry (Peterson?)
Brian Thompson as Cronus
Will Kempe as Demetrius
Rebecca Balding as Elise
Sandra Prosper as Sheila Morris
Eyal Podell as Roland
Michael Gilden as Finnegan
Nick Kiriazis
Part 1 only
Lisa Thornhill as Meta
Lee Arenberg
John Cothran, Jr. as Cecil
Danny Woodburn as head dwarf
Niki Botelko as elf nanny
Part 1 only
Trey Alexander as Rick
Damani Roberts as Michael Morris
Channing Pourchot as Sara
Part 2 only
Dina Sherman as hot woman
Kelly Cole as demon
Part 1 only
Scout Taylor-Compton as fairy

TV Guide Online: Charmed Goddesses Do Battle! - For years, the ladies of Charmed have had a bad rep for being bitch goddesses. True or no, they'll sure act like divas in Sunday's two-hour season finale when the Charmed Ones turn into Greek deities to clash with titans. Hey, all we wanna know is, will their sexy togas outstrip Alyssa Milano's famous mermaid getup?... Drew Fuller Enjoys a 'Charmed' Life - New Bat time. Same Bat channel. After a brief stint on The WB's ill-fated martial-arts drama "Black Sash," 22-year-old Los Angeles native Drew Fuller has landed on another, more successful, WB show, the magical "Charmed." "Today, I'm in heaven," he says, calling in from the "Charmed" set. "I go to heaven...."