5th Season

#1 A Witch's Tail
#2 Happily Ever After
#3 Siren Song
#4 Witches in Tights
#5 The Eyes Have It
#6 Sympathy for the Demon
#7 A Witch in Time
#8 Sam I Am
#9 Y Tu Mummy Tambien
#10 The Importance of Being Phoebe
#11 Centennial Charmed
#12 House Call
#13 Sand Francisco Dreamin'
#14 The Day the Magic Died
#15 Baby's First Demon
#16 Lucky Charmed
#17 Cat House
#18 Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun
#19 Sense and Sense Ability
#20 Necromancing the Stone
#21 Oh My Goddess!

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#1 A Witch's Tail: Aired Sunday, September 22, 2002

Paige has just been promoted to social worker, Phoebe's career as an advice columnist is taking off, and Piper and Leo are starting to build a nursery for their unborn baby. The Charmed Ones find themselves helping an innocent mermaid, Mylie, who must elicit a proclamation of love from her mortal boyfriend, Craig, or lose her immortality to a water demon known as the Sea Hag. The Charmed Ones try to help Mylie by getting Craig to tell her he loves her, but she is kidnapped by the Sea Hag. Phoebe tries to get a divorce, but a very powerful Cole reappears at the last minute and declares his love for her. The Sea Hag can only be found by a mermaid, so when Paige casts a spell to find her, Phoebe is turned into a mermaid. Piper finds herself paralyzed by fear with her new pregnancy, and stays behind while Leo, Paige and Phoebe save the mermaid and finally get her boyfriend to admit his true feelings. Once their mission is accomplished, Phoebe decides she enjoys the freedom of the sea, and decides to escape Cole by remaining a mermaid. Cole tries to do good deeds to prove to Phoebe he's no longer evil.

Piper, disgusted by her panic attacks, casts a spell to make herself fearless. Phoebe continues to swim away her troubles, while Cole continues to try to prove his goodness. Necron, the demon who originally sent the Sea Hag after Mylie's immortal soul, now goes after Phoebe's immortal soul. An injured Phoebe is captured by fisherman and calls Leo for help. Leo brings Phoebe back to the manor, where a fearless Piper sets a bathtub-bound Phoebe up for a TV interview. Paige realizes that Phoebe actually still loves Cole. Necron captures Piper and tortures her until her sisters come to save her. The Charmed Ones vanquish Necron, but Piper almost drowns. A vision of her mother helps Piper save herself and realize the reason for her fear. Piper's baby heals her mother from the inside. Cole confronts Phoebe and Phoebe becomes human again, admitting her love for Cole, but says they still can't be together. Paige quits her job to concentrate on helping people as a witch. Phoebe finally gets her divorce.

#2 Happily Ever After: Aired Sunday, September 29, 2002

The evil witch from fairy tales escapes from her magic mirror and prides herself on being the most powerful witch of all. The mirror corrects her: the Charmed Ones are more powerful. Piper summons her Grams in corporeal form to give her advice during a magical pregnancy. The evil witch goes after the Charmed Ones with various fairy tales, and Phoebe is convinced that Cole is behind it. Paige bites an apple and becomes a poisoned Snow White, complete with seven dwarfs... um, little people. Phoebe puts on Cinderella's glass slippers and ends up captured in a pumpkin by and evil Prince Charming. Piper is eaten by a wolf who is disguised as her grandmother. Cole saves Phoebe and Piper blows up the wolf from the inside. Piper uses Little Red Riding Hood's cloak to go after the evil witch and vanquishes her with a potion from her grandmother, which saves Paige. Paige gets to know her Grams. Piper realizes she can have this baby without supernatural help. More...

#3 Siren Song: Aired Sunday, October 6, 2002

Cole is still trying to prove that he's good to Phoebe who continues to reject him. Piper is frustrated when Phoebe is busy with work, Paige is busy with learning witchcraft, and Leo is busy with whitelighter work, and no one seems to care that her pregnancy has made her start burping orbs and make fireworks and flowers instead of blowing things up. A siren, who seduces and kills married men and then kills their wives, comes to town and seduces the husband of Melissa, a future whitelighter that Leo is looking after. Cole saves Melissa to prove his goodness to Phoebe. Piper and Leo argue and their baby decides to switch their powers and pregnancy symptoms in order to make them appreciate each other. The Siren goes after the Charmed Ones by seducing Cole, which draws Phoebe to her as well. Cole, unlike mortals, doesn't die when he's kissed by the Siren, but his entrapment by the Siren makes him go after Phoebe and try to strangle her. Leo helps Piper focus so she can use her whitelighter skills to find Phoebe, and once they do, Piper helps Leo focus so that he can blow up the Siren. Piper heals an almost dead Phoebe, who uses the experience to remind Cole why they're not good together. Paige is reminded of her whitelighter and social worker roots when she finds herself helping Melissa deal with the tragedy of losing her husband. More...

#4 Witches in Tights: Aired Sunday, October 13, 2002

Piper is getting sick of her sisters hiding things from her because she's pregnant. Paige is having trouble sleeping with her new boyfriend, Dave, because she keeps accidentally orbing out during sex. Cole, who is trying not to use his powers, convinces Phoebe to use her newspaper to help him take down a slum lord, Edward Miller, who is illegally evicting tenants. The Charmed Ones find themselves protecting an Elder, Ramus, who has come to earth to pass on his powers to a new Elder as he retires. A demon named Arnon tutors a teenage boy, Kevin, who has the unique power to make what he draws come to life. Arnon teaches Kevin how to create a superhero, The Aggressor, who will protect Kevin when he gets bullied, but then Arnon forces Kevin to send The Aggressor after Ramus. Kevin, to help protect Ramus, turns the Charmed Ones into superheroes as well. The Charmed Ones stop The Aggressor, but then Arnon gets Kevin to turn him into a superhero, and he tears up the picture of The Protectors (the Super Charmed Ones), turning them back into normal witches. Arnon the Aggressor kills Ramus and takes his power, but then the Charmed Ones tear up his drawing and destroy him. Ramus's power goes to Kevin, the new thirteen-year-old elder. Leo gets a glimpse of his baby's future from Ramus before he dies: Leo and Piper's child is going to be incredibly powerful. Miller films Phoebe the superhero in action and tries to blackmail Cole and Phoebe with it, and Cole uses his powers to get rid of the awful man. Phoebe rejects Cole all over again when she realizes what he did. More...

#5 The Eyes Have It: Aired Sunday, October 20, 2002

The Charmed Ones help a gypsy family that is being killed off by a gypsy hunter named Cree. Cree is avenging the blinding of his father, Orin, by the gypsies, and trying to find Orin a new pair of eyes so that he can see again. After one gypsy is killed, another gypsy, Lydia, goes to warn her niece, Ava, that they are being hunted. Ava, who has rejected her family ways and become a doctor, doesn't believe Lydia. The Charmed Ones save Lydia's life once, but can't save her the second time when she tries to protect Ava. The Charmed Ones kill Cree, but Orin gets Lydia's eyes, which finally have the power he needs to see again. Ava realizes there's more to gypsy magic than she believed, and teams up with the Charmed Ones to fight Orin, calling on the power of her ancestors to vanquish him. Phoebe worries that her powers have weakened, but she realizes all she needed was to stop losing herself in her work so much. Piper wants a doctor for her pregnancy, even though she has a magical baby that she needs to hide from normal doctors. Luckily, Ava, who's in on the magic secret, can now be Piper's doctor. Paige, who feels like she has no life lately, helps out Ava in her new clinic to treat gypsies with no healthcare. More...

#6 Sympathy for the Demon: Aired Sunday, November 3, 2002

Cole finds himself seeing demons everywhere, and imagines himself using his powers to kill them. He runs to the Charmed Ones for help, but Phoebe and Piper decide not to help him. Paige goes against her sisters and tries to help Cole by getting him to drink a power-stripping potion so he can't accidentally hurt anyone. Cole's powers leave him and enter Barbas, the fear demon, who has been the one manipulating Cole the whole time. Barbas, now free of the purgatory to which the Charmed Ones banished him years ago, takes his revenge on the witches, once again playing upon their fears. Paige gets claustrophobic, Piper sees spiders, and Phoebe finds out that her new boyfriend, Miles, is actually a demon. The sisters each overcome these fears, but realize worse is to come. Piper fears unhappiness for her unborn child, while Phoebe's fear of being evil herself comes to light when Barbas tricks her into almost killing Paige. Finally, Paige overcomes her fear of not being good enough to fill Prue's shoes, and manages to strip Barbas of his new-found powers, giving them back to Cole who uses them to vanquish the fear demon. More...

#7 A Witch in Time: Aired Sunday, November 10, 2002

When Phoebe gets a premonition and saves her boyfriend, Miles, from being shot, she cheats the Angel of Death and opens a time portal. A warlock named Bacarra comes through time portal, claiming to be sent from the future by Cole, ruler of the underworld, to kill Miles so that Phoebe won't die trying to save him. Meanwhile, Phoebe gets more premonitions and continues to save Miles's life, until even Miles gets freaked out that he's cursed or something. Bacarra, after failing to kill Miles, decides instead to team up with his past self and steal the Book of Shadows. Bacarra cloaks himself in "good,", steals the book, and uses it to attack the Charmed Ones, killing Phoebe and Paige. Piper, with advice from Leo, finds Bacarra's time portal and uses it to go back in time to prevent Phoebe from saving Miles's life in the first place, thereby changing the horrible timeline. More...

#8 Sam I Am: Aired Sunday, November 17, 2002

Piper and Leo try to interview supernatural nannies, but their reputation precedes them and no one wants the dangerous job. Cole kills two thugs that try to rip off a bar and is then visited by two mystical strangers calling themselves the avatars of force and power. Cole wants nothing to do with them, but he can't kill them, and the avatars say that it is inevitable that he will join them. Phoebe hears about the killings and tells Cole that if he kills anyone else, she and her sisters will vanquish him. Paige gets her first charge as a whitelighter, but the drunken man turns out to be her long-lost father, Sam. Paige saves Sam from a darklighter who is after him, but then Sam runs away and Cole teams up with the darklighter, going after anyone with whitelighter blood, which includes Leo, Paige, and Piper's unborn child. Leo and Paige are injured, while Piper's baby makes her somehow invincible. Cole prevents the darklighter from then going and killing Sam, so that Piper can get Sam to come heal Paige and Leo. Sam overcomes his fear of destroying everything he touches, and his guilt of abandoning his daughter, in time to heal Paige and Leo. The Charmed Ones make a trio of strong potions to vanquish Cole, but when they get to his apartment, Phoebe realizes that this was Cole's way of committing suicide, and won't throw the third potion. Cole forces her hand, but the resulting enormous explosion doesn't injure him at all. Cole is horrified that he can't be destroyed. Paige and Sam start to forge a familial relationship. Phoebe struggles to find a way to vanquish her ex-husband. More...

#9 Y Tu Mummy Tambien: Aired Sunday, January 5, 2003

Phoebe is kidnapped by an ancient Egyptian demon, Jeric, who keeps killing off witches trying to find the right one to house the spirit of his lover, Isis. Piper and Paige go to Cole for help, but Cole has gone slightly insane trying to vanquish himself unsuccessfully. Cole says he'll help Jeric find Isis a permanent home in Paige if Jeric will mummify Phoebe for him. Piper and Paige track down Phoebe in Egypt, but when they orb there Cole traps Paige and sends Piper back to San Francisco. Isis's spirit is moved into Paige and Phoebe is mummified. Piper summons Cole and they try to kill each other, but since they're both invincible they just make a mess of the attic. Cole tells Piper she can either save Paige, but then Phoebe will die because Isis won't be around unmummify her, or she can save Phoebe but then both Isis and Paige will die in Paige's body. Piper pretends to choose to save Phoebe, but when she says the spell to expell Paige from her body and leave it to Isis, she fakes out Jeric and Cole and actually expells Isis. Paige, with some of Isis's memories, knows the spell to unmummify Phoebe and both sisters are saved. The sisters vow to vanquish Cole. Leo helps Darryl get a promotion by masquerading as Jeric and letting Darryl arrest him. Piper, now showing, is frustrated by the frilliness of maternity wear and how everyone treats her differently and wants to touch her belly. Paige worries that Phoebe isn't dating, while Paige herself is an overworked witch and needs to learn how to relax a little. More...

#10 The Importance of Being Phoebe: Aired Sunday, January 12, 2003

Cole distracts the Charmed Ones by giving Phoebe trouble at work, getting Paige into a car accident, and making Piper's club fail a health inspection. In the meantime, a shape-shifting demon named Kaia who works in a strip club and impersonates Phoebe for Cole develops a crush on Cole and won't leave him alone, insisting she's better than the real Phoebe. Cole is after the Nexus under the Halliwell house, and when one of Cole's cohorts lets it slip to Phoebe that Cole is trying to reorganize the underworld again, Cole has to kidnap her to keep her mouth shut. Kaia takes Phoebe's place with her sisters. Cole kills the woman that Paige hit with her car, and Paige is charged with manslaughter, with bail set at $50,000. Kaia, as Phoebe, convinces Piper to go to a bail bondsman for the money, and Piper signs over the house as collateral. It turns out Cole is the bail bondsman, and with the deed to the house he takes it over and magically keeps the Charmed Ones out. Kaia, who feels rejected by Cole, goes after Phoebe, and Phoebe kills her and escapes Cole's prison. Phoebe goes back to the house and pretends to be Kaia pretending to be her. Phoebe uses a spell to make the Nexus destroy all evil in the house, but Cole escapes. The Charmed Ones use magic to fix their problems since the problems were originally caused by magic. More...

#11 Centennial Charmed: Aired Sunday, January 19, 2003

On his birthday, Cole joins the avatars and gains the power to change time. He creates an alternate reality in which the Source killed Paige before she met her half sisters, hoping that this will cause Phoebe to still love him. Paige accidentally ends up in the new timeline with all her current memories. While Cole finds out that he now lives at the Manor with Phoebe, who still doesn't love him but puts up with him to keep Piper safe, Paige finds Leo and Piper divorced, not pregnant, and Piper has become a vigilante, hunting Shax to avenge Prue's death. Paige convinces Piper and Leo, with some help from the elders, of who she is, and they help her create a potion with which to vanquish Cole, who is just Belthazor, not invincible like he is in Paige's reality. The sisters confront Cole, and for a moment it looks like Phoebe will save his life, but she ends up being the one to throw the potion and vanquish her evil husband. Reality returns to normal, and Paige demonstrates to her sisters that Cole is really gone. After seeing what life would have been like if she hadn't met her sisters, Paige, who was feeling like she was losing her individuality and was thinking of moving out of the Manor, realizes how lucky she is to have her new family. The sisters work on home birthing options with Piper even though Piper insists that she want to give birth in a hospital. The sisters help Darryl celebrate his promotion. More...

#12 House Call: Aired Sunday, February 2, 2003

The sisters conjure up a witch doctor to help them rid their house of evil haunting spirits. The witch doctor rids them of their spirits, but then decides that they are weak and will eventually lose their powers to evil. The witch doctor casts a spell so that each of the sisters become obsessed with something they are currently dealing with, hoping that they will die this way so that evil will never get ahold of their powers. Phoebe becomes so obessed with her job that she turns another advice columnist into a turkey and tries to chop his head off. Paige becomes so obsessed with her old boyfriend Glen that she kidnaps his fiancé and takes her place in the wedding ceremony. Piper becomes so obsessed with the house being clean that she eventually makes the whole house disappear. Luckily, Leo snaps Paige and Piper out of it, and then the two sisters accost the witch doctor and make him un-curse Phoebe. More...

#13 Sand Francisco Dreamin': Aired Sunday, February 9, 2003

All three sisters are being tortured by recurring dreams, but Phoebe's is invaded by a premonition. With help from Leo and the Elders, she figures out that they're supposed to protect a Sandman who is being pursued by a Tracer demon. Sandmen everywhere have been being wiped out, preventing people from being able to dream and work out their issues, and so people all over San Francisco are becoming angrier and angrier. While protecting the Sandman, Phoebe is accidentally dusted with a little too much dream dust, and her recurring nightmare of a chainsaw murderer comes to life. The Tracer demon overdusts Piper, Paige and Leo as well, to distract them while he kills the Sandman. With the Sandman dead, the Charmed Ones are left to battle their dreams. They put themselves to sleep so that they can figure out the meaning behind their dreams and make them go away. Paige realizes that her recurring dream of everyone leaving a baby shower without even seeing the baby is because of her own birth being kept a secret. Piper figures out that she's been dreaming of being seduced by a soap opera character because she misses feeling like a sexual being to her husband who is just focused on the baby. Phoebe unmasks her chainsaw killer and realizes that the killer is herself. Leo, who has become pregnant with his and Piper's baby, finally gets to feel the baby kick himself, and Piper becomes the pregnant one again. The Tracer demon comes back to kill the Charmed Ones, but they're no longer distracted by their dreams so they quickly vanquish him. More...

#14 The Day the Magic Died: Aired Sunday, February 16, 2003

Six weeks away from her delivery date, Piper is trying to relax with high blood pressure. Relaxing becomes difficult when the girls' father shows up with his new wife, Doris, and Phoebe and Paige realize that magic has stopped working everywhere, both good and evil. Paige and Phoebe go to a summit meeting with evil to figure out how to bring magic back, but it turns out to be an ambush. They realize that all the signs they've been seeing lately mean that Piper's baby is going to be born, and the ambush was a plan to get them out of the way so a demon could steal the baby. Doris turns out to be in collusion with the demon, but Paige and Phoebe manage to vanquish them both with some help from a unicorn's horn, whose pure magic is untouched. Piper gives birth at home with her husband, her sisters, and her father by her side, and magic returns on its own. Everyone is surprised when the baby turns out to be a boy. More...

#15 Baby's First Demon: Aired Sunday, March 30, 2003

The Charmed Ones have to fight off parasite demons who have been deprived of their magic and are after Piper's baby as a new source of power. Luckily, the baby turns out to have a force field that does a good job of protecting him from evil. A Crone, who secretly forsees the baby being the end of evil, helps destroy the parasite demons and promises that no more attempts will be made to kidnap the child, but Piper doubts the Crone's motives. Phoebe realizes that she's being a little overly possessive of her new nephew and needs to step back and realize that she's not the baby's mother. The newspaper Phoebe works for is bought by a young, cute, internet millionaire, Jason Dean, who immediately charms Phoebe with his smile and his candor. Piper finally names the child Wyatt (for Leo) Matthew (for Paige) Halliwell (which Leo agrees to because evil fears the name). Wyatt Matthew Halliwell. More...

#16 Lucky Charmed: Aired Sunday, April 6, 2003

Paige, while trying to give herself a little good luck, finds herself coming to the aid of leprechauns who are being attacked by a snake demon that wants to use their luck to take over the underworld. The Charmed Ones get a new appreciation for the power of luck after Piper is kidnapped by the demon, and Paige and Phoebe have to rally the depressed leprechauns to save her. Piper and Leo have been arguing a lot over who will take care of the baby when, and Piper finally considers giving up P3 to be able to devote more time to being a mom and a witch. Leo surprises her by telling her that he's been given some paternity leave by the elders, and all his charges except for the Charmed Ones are being reassigned. Phoebe tries internet dating for the sake of her new article for the newspaper, but doesn't really give it a chance. Finally she gives in to the requests of an online charmer who calls himself Cyrano and finds herself out on a date with her cutie boss, Jason Dean.

#17 Cat House: Aired Sunday, April 13, 2003

As Piper and Leo go to see a marriage counselor to work out why they've been fighting so much lately, an innocent with intimate knowledge of the Charmed Ones comes running to the Manor being chased by a warlock. As Paige and Phoebe try to help the woman, they find themselves and the warlock transported into the past when Piper casts a spell to help her and Leo recollect their memories at the marriage counselor's office. Paige and Phoebe, who find themselves transported through Piper and Leo's memories, realize the warlock is after their cat, Kit, who ran away a few years ago. When the warlock kills Kit and Leo is tormented by the thoughts of suffering witches everywhere, Phoebe gets Piper to relive her last memory once more so that she and Paige can stop the warlock. Kit is saved, and it turns out that the innocent woman is Kit, now training other familiars having completed her duty to The Charmed Ones when they were new witches. The only problem is that the figurines from the top of Piper and Leo's wedding cake get smashed in the past, and disappear from their display cabinet in the present.

#18 Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun: Aired Sunday, April 20, 2003

Piper and Paige feud over who is the lead witch in the family as they find out that wood nymphs have been driven out of their forest and into the city by a demon who wants access to the power of their eternal spring. When one of the nymphs and their satyr are killed, the remaining nymphs recruit Paige into their midst to help them find their new satyr. A demon tricks the nymphs into believing that he is their satyr and gains the power of the spring, making him invincible, so the Charmed Ones, instead of destroying him, turn him into a tree in the nymphs' forest. After sleeping with her boss, Jason Dean, Phoebe convinces him to leave Paige out of the story about the cavorting city nymphs that is being published in the newspaper.

#19 Sense and Sense Ability: Aired Sunday, April 27, 2003

Using an ancient totem, the Crone sends a monkey to The Charmed Ones who steals Paige's voice, Phoebe's hearing, and Piper's sight. Paige finds herself speechless while trying to sing at her new boyfriend's club, Phoebe is unable to hear at a meeting regarding her newspaper column going into syndication, and Piper crashes her car. When Leo is kidnapped by the Crone, The Charmed Ones have to work together despite their handicaps, and realize that they have an innate psychic connection that they never used before. The Crone gets her hands on Wyatt and sees the future of all power, but then is quickly vanquished by The Charmed Ones who get their senses back through her destruction. Piper learns how to interpret the sounds her own son makes, and Wyatt shows off his power by orbing himself and his mother directly to where his father is being held captive. Phoebe realizes that family is more important to her than syndication. Paige finally gets a chance to sing a sexy number for her boyfriend, Nate.

#20 Necromancing the Stone: Aired Sunday, May 4, 2003

Paige uses a truth spell on her boyfriend, Nate, to see how he would react to her being a witch, and finds out that he's married and has kids. The Charmed Ones prepare for the arrival of their grandmother and Wyatt's Wiccanning ceremony, but when Penny arrives, she is shocked to find out that Piper's baby is a boy. Penny, ignoring her new great-grandson, tells the sisters that they have to make sure that the Necromancer demon won't interrupt the ceremony and try to feed off the spirits of the other Halliwell matriarchs, but after the Necromancer kidnaps Penny, the Charmed Ones realize that he was their grandmother's lover. The Necromancer charms Penny into summoning the spirits of the matriarchs for him, but Paige's last-minute use of the truth spell causes Penny to be honest about her feelings for the Necromancer, and therefore be able to vanquish him once and for all. Penny becomes more accepting of her new great-grandson, and Wyatt's Wiccanning ceremony goes off without a hitch. Phoebe's boyfriend Jason invites her to live with him in Hong Kong, and while she's very tempted, she has to turn him down.

#21 Oh My Goddess!: Aired Sunday, May 11, 2003

While Phoebe tries to plan a charity bachelor auction for the newspaper, Piper is learning how to use her marriage counseling tools and Paige is freaking out about dreams of impending doom. As the weather grows more and more wacky, Paige and Phoebe find out that Titans have been released from their frozen prisons, and are taking out Whitelighters. When a Whitelighter named Chris appears from the future and saves Paige's life in the nick of time, the Charmed Ones realize that they have to save the world. When Leo goes to the Elders to warn them that the Titans are after them, he finds them already dead. Chris encourages Leo to take the Elders' place and do what the Elders were afraid to due: give the Charmed Ones the power of the Gods to fight the Titans. The Charmed Ones are turned into Greek Goddesses.

The sisters are initially distracted by their new powers, particularly Paige, the goddess of war, and Phoebe, the goddess of love. Piper, who has dominion over the earth and is the most grounded of the three, rallies her sisters back to their goal and they go to protect one of the escape Elders that is being attacked by Titans. Piper finally gets Leo to come back to earth to counsel them, and realizes that her husband is becoming an Elder. Her anger over this fuels her powers, and the Charmed Ones finally take down the Titans, sending them into the bowels of the earth. Paige and Phoebe happily give up their goddess powers, but Piper, in despair over losing her husband, starts causing storms. She finally confronts Leo in the Heavens, and he takes back her goddess powers and gives her an artificial sense of peace over losing him. The Elders vote to make Chris the Charmed Ones's new Whitelighter, but Leo wonders if Chris manipulated the whole situation to get this job, and warns Chris that he'll be watching. As Leo orbs away, Chris waves a hand and blows up Leo's orb. Then Chris walks into the house and magically closes the door behind him.

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