Season 6, Episode 20: Witch Wars

If human beings are foaming at the mouth to humiliate themselves on national television, and they are, then demons are an easy mark.
Upper level humans?
Donald Trump has his own show.

AKA: "Reality Check"

Aired: Sunday, May 9, 2004

Rating: 1.9/3

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Written by Krista Vernoff
Directed by David Jackson

Guest starring
Christopher Neiman as Sigmund
Jim Pirri as Corr, games master
Elaine Hendrix as Clea, games mistress
Bodhi Elfman as Kyle Donnie, crime reporter
Vicki Davis as Tali, witch under attack
David Ramsey as upper level demon
Betsy Randle as Mrs. Winterbourne, teacher
Steve Cell as apprentice demon (tortured demon)

And Gildart Jackson as Gideon

Kevin Grevioux as brute demon
Steve Gibbons as the shapeshifter
Daniel Blinkoff as Thor (button-down demon in bar)
James Joseph O'Neil as darklighter
Paul Vinson as Rork (bald demon in bar)

Weird line (must have been a mistake) when Paige was talking about Phoebe who wouldn't leave the office, she said, "Don't want any more of them getting killed, and that includes my sister who is now determined to stay at the office after since his son dropped his little bomb this morning." Chris? Phoebe's son? Ahem.