Season 6, Episode 7: Sword and the City

Welcome to your new destiny!
Oh, crap.

AKA: "Charmed in Camelot"

Aired: Sunday, November 9, 2003

Rating: 3.0/5

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Written by David Simkins
Directed by Derek Johansen

Guest starring
Balthazar Getty as Richard Montana
Mark Aiken as dark knight
Danny Woodburn as head dwarf
Brian Leckner as head executioner demon

And Edward Atterton as Mordaunt

Danielle Bisotti as lady of the lake
Lamont Johnson as sand blaster demon
Bjorn Johnson as cranky judge
Matthew McGrory as ogre
Amanda Sickler as female stalker
Scout Taylor-Compton as fairy
Simon Brooke as grimlock
Featured musical artists
Cherie (opening song)

'Charmed' Gets Medieval - In the attic of the Halliwell mansion in San Francisco, a mighty battle rages for possession of a powerful magical object. OK, this is a pretty common occurrence in The WB's magical drama "Charmed," but what sets this fight apart is that the prize is not some bizarre orb or talisman or amulet. Drawn from a stone sitting in the house's garden conservatory, it is none other than the most famous of all swords -- Excalibur....