2nd Season

#1 Witch Trial
#2 Morality Bites
#3 The Painted World
#4 The Devil's Music
#5 She's a Man, Baby, a Man!
#6 That Old Black Magic
#7 They're Everywhere
#8 P3 H2O
#9 Ms. Hellfire
#10 Heartbreak City
#11 Reckless Abandon
#12 Awakened
#13 Animal Pragmatism
#14 Pardon My Past
#15 Give Me a Sign
#16 Murphy's Luck
#17 How to make a Quilt Out of Americans
#18 Chick Flick
#19 Ex Libris
#20 Astral Monkey
#21 Apocalypse, Not
#22 Be Careful What You Witch For

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Executive producer Brad Kern, Executive producers Aaron Spelling, E. Duke Vincent

Consulting producer Jonathan Levin, Producer Sheryl J. Anderson, Coordinating producer Betty Reardon, Produced by Jon Paré, Co-executive producer David Simkins, Executive producer Constance M. Burge

#1 Witch Trial: Aired Thursday, September 30, 1999

On their first anniversary of becoming witches, the sisters face a cloven-hoofed demon that steals the Book of Shadows and tries to unravel their spells one by one. After Andy's death, Prue has to face her fears of being a witch and putting the people she loves in danger. Piper is denied a loan to open her club, but her sisters take out a second mortgage on the house to help her out. The three sisters meet their gorgeous new neighbor, Dan, and his sweet niece, Jenny.

#2 Morality Bites: Aired Thursday, October 7, 1999

The sisters decide to use their powers to get revenge on a guy that always lets his dog poop right in front of their house. Then Phoebe has a premonition that she is burned at the stake in 2009. The sisters travel to the future, and learn that Prue is now a bitch workaholic, Piper had a daughter with Leo and they're now broken up, and Phoebe used her now active power to kill a man in revenge for murdering a friend of her's. Due to Phoebe's mis-use of her powers, all witches are now being persecuted. The three sisters have to learn the lesson: they are supposed to protect the innocent, not punish the guilty. Piper and Prue almost resuce Phoebe, but she convinces them that she actually deserves to burn for her crimes. They are magically transported back to their present time, and vow not to let that future ever take place, starting with not taking revenge on the guy with the pooping dog.

#3 The Painted World: Aired Thursday, October 14, 1999

Prue is sucked into another dimension and finds herself trapped inside a painting with a dangerous warlock. Phoebe casts a smart spell to get a job to pay for the damages she inflicted on Prue's car. Piper has to fix up the club because she has a number of code violations, and hires Dan to do the work.

#4 The Devil's Music: Aired Thursday, October 21, 1999

It turns out that the manager of the band Dishwalla has made a deal with a demon to exchange innocent souls for money and success. Leo casts a spell which makes the manager bring Dishwalla to Piper's club, P3. The sisters vanquish the demon, saving their neighbor Jenny in the process. Prue must defend Piper's club from a pushy investor who won't take no for an answer. Piper begins to realize the enormity of the difficulties in dating Leo. Morris turns to Prue for help.

#5 She's a Man, Baby, a Man!: Aired Thursday, November 4, 1999

During a heat-wave, Phoebe is having incredible sex dreams which end with her killing her lover. Piper finds herself attracted to Dan, the boy next door. Prue goes out on another date with Alan from work, but is disappointed when he doesn't try to make a move. Morris aproaches Prue asking for helping with a series of slayings connected to a dating agency. The three sisters figure out that there is a succubus preying on the testosterone of men, and Phoebe is somehow psychically connected to her. Prue casts a spell which turns her into a man who will attract the succubus. After a false success, Prue manages to destroy the succubus in a fiery death, and learns something from being a man as well. All three sisters end up dancing to The Cranberries at Piper's club with adorable men.

#6 That Old Black Magic: Aired Thursday, November 11, 1999

When an evil witch named Tuwatha escapes the confines of her 200-year-old prison, Leo guides the charmed ones to a reluctant teenager whom he claims is the chosen one, chosen to defeat Tuwatha with her own wand. The sisters don't want to force the young boy to face the powerful witch, but when they try to take her on and fail, he's their only hope. With the help of a fake potion of courage, the boy banishes her for good. Piper moves on from Leo and starts trying to have a normal relationship with Dan.

#7 They're Everywhere: Aired Thursday, November 18, 1999

Working in a convalescent hospital, Phoebe is caring for a comatose older man whose son, Eric, has finished what his father started: he has figured out the location of the legendary Acaciac records, which foretell the future of the world. Warlocks bent on draining the contents of Eric's brain kidnap his father for leverage, and the sisters have to save both men. Eric's close relationship with his father makes the sisters think about their own MIA father. Piper and Prue cast a thought-reading spell to figure out if the men in their lives are really warlocks, and Piper figures out that Dan really likes her, while Prue finds out that a guy at work is pulling a scam with his identical twin.

#8 P3 H2O: Aired Thursday, December 9, 1999

Prue is at the lake where her mother drowned when she sees a demon take down a boater. A man tries to protect Prue and keep her from getting taken by the demon as well. Prue and her sisters realize that this is what killed their mother, and the man at the lake was their mother's old white lighter, Sam, now mortal. The sisters decide to finish what their mother started, but as the story unravels, it turns out that Sam and their mother were in love, and their mother froze Sam when he came to protect her at the lake, so she was distracted and taken by the demon, and Sam didn't even get to see it happen and blames himself. Phoebe has to look back into the past and relive their mother's death so that Prue will know that she was trying to electrocute the water demon to vanquish it. Prue and Sam go to face their demons, and Sam dies after absorbing the water demon and then electrocuting himself. Jack Sheridan comes to work at Buckland's, and covers for Prue while she is out fighting demons. After seeing the consequences of another white lighter in love with the witch he was supposed to protect, Leo realizes he and Piper can't work together anymore. Piper tries to move forward with her relationship with Dan.

#9 Ms. Hellfire: Aired Thursday, January 13, 2000

When Prue kills a hitwoman known as Ms. Hellfire who is after the Halliwells, she ends up impersonating her to figure out who hired her. It turns out that Barbas, the fear demon that the sisters vanquished last season, is back, and if he can kill 13 witches by midnight on Friday the 13th he'll be back for good. He's teamed up with a criminal named Bane Jessup, and Bane is the one who hired Ms. Hellfire to help them in their cause. Barbas almost gets what he wants when he figures out that Prue is impersonating Ms. Hellfire and brainwashes her into killing her own sisters, but Phoebe and Piper successfully bring their eldest out of it, and together they watch Barbas expire at midnight and make sure Bane goes to jail. Prue discovers she has a new power of astral projection, although she's not yet very good at controlling it. Buckland Auction House is under new management and all the employees are under serious demands. Prue uses the expensive gifts she got from Bane while impersonating Ms. Hellfire to save her job.

#10 Heartbreak City: Aired Thursday, January 20, 2000

Cupid is busily matching up lovers when a hate demon named Drazi steals Cupid's powerful ring and goes about breaking up all the happy couples and causing hate in the world, which causes Cupid physical pain. Cupid comes to the Charmed ones for help. Prue is happily dating Jack, Piper is happily dating Dan, and Cupid keeps telling Phoebe how her heart is closed to love which is why she doesn't have a boyfriend. The three sisters easily vanquish Drazi, but he disappears with Cupid's ring, so while her older sisters are out on dates at P3, Phoebe helps Cupid concoct a potion to get home and get a new ring. Phoebe and Cupid show up at the club with the potion and a spell that the three sisters have to say together to get Cupid home, but Drazi, not vanquished at all, shows up as well. It turns out Cupid's ring saved him and so he uses the ring to break up Prue and Piper's newest relationships. Phoebe and Cupid go about using non-supernatural means of getting the broken up couples back together, causing Drazi the same physical pain that Cupid was earlier feeling. Drazi hunts Cupid down to stop him, and the sisters really vanquish Drazi this time, making sure the Cupid has his ring back before getting rid of the hate demon.

#11 Reckless Abandon: Aired Thursday, January 27, 2000

While Phoebe is at the police station trying to get work as a police psychic from Morris, an abandoned baby is brought in that gives Phoebe a vision of a ghost attacking him and his father. After she brings the baby home, she and her sisters figure out that the baby belongs to a rich family in the neighborhood. It turns out that the family chauffeur was obssessed with the matriarch of the family, and so the patriarch killed the chauffeur. Now the chauffeur is haunting the woman, methodically killing off every male member of her family to torture her. The baby Phoebe found is her grandchild, and the last male alive in the family. The sisters try to vanquish the ghost by spreading a potion on his bones which are on the grounds of the family mansion, but the ghost catches them and hides his bones. The only other way to vanquish the ghost is to destroy the object of its obesession. The grandmother convinces the sisters to tell her this, and then commits suicide to send the ghost to hell. The Charmed ones realize how difficult taking care of a baby is, but also find their own maternal instincts that they didn't know they had.

#12 Awakened: Aired Thursday, February 3, 2000

Piper gets a tropical disease from some illegally imported fruit at P3 and falls into a coma. Her infectious disease specialist, Dr. Williamson, tells her sisters that if she doesn't come out of the coma she probbaly won't survive. Prue and Phoebe, after consulting Leo and finding out that he's not allowed to help, cast an awakening spell, knowing that there will probably be consequences. Piper is healed, but none of the three sisters can sleep, and Piper is moving at super human speeds. In addition, a ninja doll infected with the disease is now running around the hospital with his needle sword infecting other people with the disease. As the outbreak of what is supposed to be a non-contagious disease spreads, the CDC is called in and the sisters are taken into quarantine. They realize they must reverse the spell and unwillingly do so. Prue and Phoebe watch their sister die, but Leo intercepts Piper and sneakily heals her. She comes back to life murmuring Leo's name, which Dan hears. Prue quits her job. Leo gets his wings clipped for his misdeed.

#13 Animal Pragmatism: Aired Thursday, February 10, 2000

Phoebe sees some friends in class reading a book on witchcraft and accidentally helps them fix a spell to make animals into men for Valentine's Day. When the spell actually works, the girls end up with a malicious rabbit, snake and a hungry pig that don't want to go back to being animals after their 24 hours as humans are done. The animals go after Phoebe to make her keep them human, and the snake poisons the girls by biting them. Luckily, one of the girls escapes and tells Phoebe what's going on. Phoebe tries to concoct a spell to turn the men back into animals, and casts it at a Valentine's Day party at P3 where the animals have come to track Phoebe down. She ends up turning the entire club into animals. While she's busy fixing the club, her sisters find the poisoned girls, and when all the animals are made human again, the evil animal/humans are arrested by the police. Phoebe starts a romance with one of her classmates. Prue tries to enjoy being unemployed but gets bored quickly. On Valentine's Day, Piper is having a tough time deciding between Dan and Leo now that Leo is mortal. She ends up going out with Dan, but having some regrets when Leo gives her a very romantic card.

#14 Pardon My Past: Aired Thursday, February 17, 2000

Phoebe is getting signs from her past life that she is danger, so she goes back in time to figure out what's going on. It turns out that in 1924, Phoebe's soul and those of her sisters were cousins running a speakeasy out of the manor. Phoebe had been seduced by an evil warlock named Anton, and she and Anton were getting ready to destroy her good witch cousins. It turns out that the good wtiches win, and they not only vanquish their evil cousin, but they curse her in future lives as well in case the immortal Anton finds her again. Phoebe's only chance of survival is to find the amulet from 1924 that Anton gave her to protect her from her cousins' powers. She switches times with her evil 1924 self so that she can find the amulet in the past and hide it somewhere in the manor so she can find it in the present day. Unfortunately, Anton, in the present day, finds the evil Phoebe inhabiting current Phoebe's body and gives her the amulet so that good Phoebe can't come back to her own time. Luckily, Leo, Piper and Prue manage to vanquish Anton, knock out the bad Phoebe, and take off the amulet long enough for good Phoebe to get back into her own time and her own body, and then put the amulet back on so that current Phoebe doesn't die from her past cousins' curse. Leo is actively pursuing Piper, making Dan suspicious about Leo's blank past. Piper finds out that in her past life she was married to Dan, but Leo was her lover. Prue finds out that she was a photographer in her past life.

#15 Give Me a Sign: Aired Thursday, February 24, 2000

Phoebe casts a spell to give Piper a sign as to which man she should choose, Leo or Dan. Bane Jessup, still in jail, is attacked by demons sent by a powerful demon named Litvack. He escapes both from the demons and from jail, and kidnaps Prue to beg her for help from her and her sisters. Prue doesn't trust him until another demon henchman comes after them and Bane saves her life, putting himself in danger. Prue and Bane have a romantic encounter after she helps dress his wound, while Phoebe's spell ends up giving to two younger sisters signs as two where to find Prue. They find their eldest, and rib her about the fact that she doesn't really seem like she needs help. Prue convinces her sisters to work with Bane and go after Litvack. Although Phoebe and Piper don't trust Bane, they go after Litvack in his cemetary lair, and although it seems like Bane is double-crossing them, he actually manages to save them and destroy Litvack and his last henchman. Bane and Prue have a romantic goodbye before he returns to jail. Piper, while watching Leo work the bar at her club, realizes she doesn't need a magical sign to follow her heart.

#16 Murphy's Luck: Aired Thursday, March 30, 2000

A dark lighter is trying to drive a good woman who helps the less fortunate to suicide so that she won't be able to become a white lighter when she dies. Prue rescues the unlucky woman by casting a good luck spell, so the dark lighter goes after Prue. With help from her sisters, Prue resists the dark lighter and his telepathic messages. Dan is out of town, and Piper is planning on breaking up with him for Leo, but refuses to be with Leo until she has the right opportunity to properly break up with Dan. Leo is frustrated, but understands, but when the sisters have to face the dark lighter and Leo can't help them, he begs for his powers back and gets them just in time to capture the dark lighter and take him away.

#17 How to Make a Quilt Out of Americans: Aired Thursday, April 6, 2000

An old friend of their grandmother's, Aunt Gail, comes to the Charmed ones asking for their help vanquishing a spirit demon who is peeling the skin from carcasses to create a solid body for himself. The three sisters are horrified when they realize that the call for help is actually a trap, and Gail is actual setting them up so she can trade their powers for eternal youth. After losing their powers to the demon, they must use what they know about their own powers against him to regain them and vanquish him back to his skinless spirit form. Piper is sick of the life complications that go along with being a witch, and is ready to leave her power with the nasty youth demon, but her sisters convince her to stick with it.

#18 Chick Flick: Aired Thursday, April 20, 2000

The sisters encounter a demon of illusion that uses movies to encourage violence among the masses. The demon also figures out that he can emancipate celluloid monsters from the screen and send them after the witches who are trying to destroy him. The witches' powers are useless against the movie-monsters, but they figure out that if they can kill them the way that they were killed in their original films, they can destroy the monsters. After almost losing her two sisters in a movie that ends, Prue figures out that they can vanquish the demon by burning up whatever movie he is in. Phoebe gets to meet her true celluloid love, the heroic Billy, and kiss him in real life before he has to return to reel life. Prue has to deal with a photographer whose work she admires, but whose personality leaves a lot to desire. Piper tries to have a normal date with Leo, which goes awry when they end up sitting next to Dan and his date, and then Leo gets called away to work.

#19 Ex Libris: Aired Thursday, April 27, 2000

Piper wants to send a birthday card to her father, but can't get her sisters to sign it. Through Dan's investigation, Piper finds out that Leo used to be married. She's threatened until she goes to see the old woman and hears the story about how Leo visited her in a dream after her death and helped her move on with her life. Phoebe helps the ghost of a student who was killed to prevent the publication of her thesis on the existence of demons. Prue, with the help of Phoebe's ghost, helps a father whose daughter was killed by a well-known criminal, but can't find anyone to testify against the powerful man. The Goo Goo Dolls perform at Piper's nightclub.

#20 Astral Monkey: Aired Thursday, May 4, 2000

A doctor manages to give himself and three monkeys the sisters' powers. Prue is linked to a movie star in the tabloids.

#21 Apocalypse, Not: Aired Thursday, May 11, 2000

As the sisters are getting closer and closer to each other, the city is erupting into violence. Piper spots an evil being presiding over a road rage disaster, but he gets away from her. She and her sisters hunt him down, but find he brought along three friends. They try to vanquish the four men, thinking they are anarchy demons, while the four men are trying to kill off the three witches, but instead one of the four men and Prue are sucked into a hole in the ground. Suddenly, good and evil have to work together to get back their missing collegue and their missing sister. They figure out who they opened a vortex to another dimension and how to reverse it. Meanwhile, Leo does some spying and figures out that the four men are actually the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and if Piper and Phoebe bring Prue back from the other dimension along with her apocalyptic friend, the world will end at 7pm. Piper and Phoebe decide they want Prue back anyway, but at the last minute Phoebe has a vision of the end of the world and she and Piper don't go through with it. Due to this selfless act, the sisters prove that there is still some good in the world, and the Source kills off the horsemen. Piper and Phoebe use the opportunity to get Prue back.

#22 Be Careful What You Witch For: Aired Thursday, May 18, 2000

A genie and a dragon warlock team up to get the Charmed Ones. The three sisters, encountering the genie, are warned by Leo that genies are tricksters, so they refuse to use their wishes. However, the genie grants them three wishes anyway, sneakily getting them to admit what they want or listening in on conversations. Prue wishes love could be like the first time, so she becomes 17 again, Piper wishes Dan could move on with his life, so he starts to age rapidly, and Phoebe wishes for an active power, so the genie steals the dragon warlock's power of flight and gives it to her. The genie, having granted the three wishes, is now free and it turns out that he wasn't actually interested in killing the witches, he just teamed up with the bad guy so that he could get his freedom. The warlock is pissed that the genie didn't really do anything and stole his power to boot. He decides to go after Prue since she's a rebellious 17-year-old and has no power. Phoebe and Piper try to rescue their eldest younger sister, but the warlock stabs her and she dies. The genie sees this and feels bad, so he volunteers to go back into his bottle and give up his freedom, which would make their three wishes reverse and hopefully bring Prue back to life. He does so, and Dan goes back to his normal age, Phoebe loses the power of flight, and Prue goes back to her normal age but is still dead. Piper and Phoebe decide to let the genie back out of the bottle, get a new three wishes, and wish Prue alive, but the dragon warlock comes after them. They duke it out with the dragon warlock, get the genie back out of the bottle, bring Prue back to the life, and then use the power of three to vanquish the dragon demon. For their last two wishes they wish that Dan would forget all the awful crazy things he saw in the last few days and really be able to move on with his life, and they wish the genie free. Piper wants to get to know the rest of Leo's life, so when he is called away by "them" she goes with him.

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