4th Season

#1 Charmed Again
#2 Hell Hath No Fury
#3 Enter the Demon
#4 Size Matters
#5 A Knight to Remember
#6 Brain Drain
#7 Black as Cole
#8 Muse to My Ears
#9 A Paige from the Past
#10 Trial by Magic
#11 Lost and Bound
#12 Charmed and Dangerous
#13 The Three Faces of Phoebe
#14 Marry-Go-Round
#15 The Fifth Halliwheel
#16 Saving Private Leo
#17 Bite Me
#18 We're Off to See the Wizards
#19 Long Live the Queen
#20 Womb Raider
#21 Witch Way Now

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#1 Charmed Again: Aired Thursday, October 4, 2001

A young social worker by the name of Paige is mysteriously drawn to Prue's funeral, where she shakes hands with Phoebe. Phoebe has a vision of Shax attacking the girl on a rooftop and becomes obsessed with protecting her, while Piper is angry about Prue's death and tries to fight her destiny as a witch. Meanwhile, the Source learns from his oracle that there is another Charmed One, and goes to the surface to turn her to evil just as she's discovering her powers. Piper and Phoebe learn that Paige is their half-sister that their motherly secretly had with Sam, her white-lighter, and gave up for adoption to keep her safe. The Source disguises himself as Shane, Paige's boyfriend, and tries to tempt her into using her powers for evil. Paige realizes she has the power to move objects, similar to Prue's, but she orbs them to move them because she is half white-lighter. Meanwhile, a dogged inspector named Cortez takes over the Halliwell case from Darryl, and discovers the sisters' secret. He believes the witches are evil and tries to get proof of their powers to expose them. Piper and Phoebe have to convince both Cortez and Paige that they're the good guys, and Paige realizes that she cares for her sisters just in time to help them fight the Source. Meanwhile, Leo heals an injured Cortez, proving to the inspector that the witches aren't evil. The Source takes his revenge by stabbing Cole, and Leo can't heal him because he's half demon. With Paige's help, since she's half white-lighter, Leo is able to heal Cole. Paige hesistantly joins her new family and Piper and Phoebe use a spell to introduce their baby sister to her dead biological mother.

#2 Hell Hath No Fury: Aired Thursday, October 11, 2001

Paige steals the Book of Shadows and uses it for personal gain. Meanwhile, a grieving Piper is on a mad demon hunt and encounters the Furies. One of the Furies taps Piper's own anger and Piper starts to turn into a Fury herself. Phoebe not only has to help Paige recover from her spell backfiring, she has to figure out how to get Phoebe to come home and get over her anger. Cole uses himself as bait to draw Fury Piper home, since Furies are drawn to evil-doers, and Phoebe tries to get Piper to admit that she's angry at her baby sister for abandoning her and letting Prue die. However, Phoebe's got it wrong, and it's Paige that ends up saving Piper's life by getting her to admit that she's angry at Prue. Piper reaches out a bit to Paige, finally.

#3 Enter the Demon: Aired Thursday, October 18, 2001

As Paige is practicing mixing potions, she wishes that she were Phoebe and suddenly their souls switch bodies. While they're trying to figure out how to switch back, Phoebe has to go on a date in Paige's body while Cole quickly figures out that Phoebe isn't herself. Meanwhile, Piper encounters the daughter of a Zen master, Anling, who has to protect her father from one of his evil ex-students, Yenlo. Yenlo has kidnapped his old master to the land of Limbo, and neither Anling nor the witches can figure out how to get there to get at him. Phoebe and Paige finally admit what Paige did, and Piper recreates the potion to switch them back to their own bodies. Piper then uses the same potion to switch bodies with the Zen master, and using Piper's body, the Zen master leads his daughter and the witches to Limbo where they finally defeat Yenlo.

#4 Size Matters: Aired Thursday, October 26, 2001

Piper hires a new promoter/manager for the club who changes P3 into The Spot, a hip, trendy, noisy, annoying, soon-to-be-five-minutes-ago joint. Phoebe tries to get a job and finds out that it's hard to get taken seriously when she graduated from college at age 27 and needs flexible hours. Paige gets a weird feeling walking by a broken-down house and tells her sisters about it, but they ignore her. She goes to Leo who convinces Phoebe to encourage Paige's instincts, so Phoebe goes to check out the house only to be shrunk down to a few inches tall. It turns out that the house is inhabited by a demon who shrinks women and turns them into clay figurines. While trying to save Phoebe, Piper and Paige are also shrunk and covered with quickly hardening clay. Paige manages to orb by will and cracks her clay, then using the power of three they vanquish the demon which brings them all back to normal size. All three sisters agree The Spot sucks and decide to change it back to P3.

#5 A Knight to Remember: Aired Thursday, November 1, 2001

Piper and Phoebe are being plagued by a shocker demon who uses electricity to attack them. They realize that it would make vanquishing easier if Paige moved in with them, but when they invite her, Paige is less than receptive to giving her life over to witchcraft. Paige is also scared that she isn't powerful enough to fill Prue's shoes. Paige remember a fairy tale from her childhood about an evil enchantress who bewitches a noble prince into falling in love with her and takes over his kingdom by having his child. She is pleasantly surprised to find a reference to her fairy tale in the Book of Shadows, but when she reads a spell aloud the noble prince suddenly appears in the attic, totally in love with Paige. Paige doesn't want to deal with the prince, so she leaves him with her sisters and goes to work. The prince follows Paige while Piper and Phoebe have to deal with the evil enchantress who comes looking for her prince. It turns out that the evil enchantress is Paige in a former life. When Paige finds this out, she decides to go after the evil enchantress herself. She fails miserably, and the enchantress grabs her prince and heads back to the past. Piper and Phoebe follow the enchantress, but only end up chained to her dungeon wall. Paige despairs that she's not powerful enough to take on the enchantress, but Leo encourages her and she figures out how to get the two of them to the past. Paige battles the enchantress while Leo frees her sisters. The Charmed Ones bind the evil enchantress's powers, and when they get back to their own time period, Paige finally agrees to move in and helps her sisters vanquish the shocker demon.

#6 Brain Drain: Aired Thursday, November 8, 2001

The Source plants a chameleon demon in the Halliwell manor to spy on the sisters and learns about Piper's reluctance to be a witch. The Source kidnaps Piper and invades her mind, convincing her that she is a patient in a mental hospital and her powers were all a delusion. The Source has almost convinced Piper to relinquish her powers when her sisters figure out how to get in her mind with her and defend her. Cole and Leo team up to attack the Source, and Cole does some serious damage to the Source and kills the Source's Oracle. Phoebe and Paige, with Leo's help, convince Piper that she's sane and prevent her from relinquishing her powers. Piper starts thinking about having kids someday.

#7 Black as Cole: Aired Thursday, November 15, 2001

A demon very similar to Cole has been terrorizing the town lately, and when the Charmed Ones go after him, they are ambushed by a woman, Emma, who is trying to get revenge for her dead witch boyfriend's death. While battling the demon, Cole changes into Belthazor and Emma realizes that it's Cole she's after instead. Phoebe tries to convince Emma that while Cole can't change the past, he's doing good now. Meanwhile, Cole realizes that the demon, who is going by the name Sykes, is actually hunting him. Sykes kidsnaps Phoebe, and Cole morphs into Belthazor to battle him. Belthazor triumphs over Sykes, but as Cole predicted, he then has trouble turning human again. Just as the Charmed Ones are starting to fear that they've lost Cole, Emma finds and throws an old potion of Phoebe's that strips Cole of his powers. Cole proposes to Phoebe, and while she's not ready to get married, she assures him she's very much in love with him and still wants to be with him even without his powers. Paige gets Piper and Leo a mechanical baby from a local clinic so they can practice being parents, and Piper proves to Leo that they are in no position to care for a baby right now.

#8 Muse to My Ears: Aired Thursday, December 13, 2001

Now that the Source has been seriously injured, a faction of warlocks starts capturing muses in order to use their inspiration to take over the Underworld. Meanwhile, Cole is growing more and more insecure about Phoebe's rejection of his marriage proposal and his own new human frailties. The Charmed Ones find the inspiration in themselves to save their own muse and take out the plotting warlocks.

#9 A Paige from the Past: Aired Thursday, January 17, 2002

Paige admits that her parents died in a car accident, and she blames herself for causing the accident. Leo makes use of a spirit of time travel named Clyde and takes Paige back to her past. Reliving the accident, Paige realizes it wasn't her fault, and it was magic that made her the only survivor. Meanwhile, Clyde accidentally lets two ghosts from the past into the present. The ghosts, two criminals named Lulu and Frankie, take over Phoebe and Cole's bodies and set about getting married like they always wanted. Piper and Darryl track Phoebe and Cole as they steal an engagement ring, steal a wedding dress, and then hold a gun to a chaplain to perform the ceremony. In a stand-off, Darryl shoots Cole and the ghosts leave. Leo and Paige come back from the past just in time for Leo to heal Cole. Having lived through the experience of almost getting married, Phoebe realizes she really does want to marry Cole and finally tells him so. Paige still regrets that her parents can't see how well she turned out, so Leo asks Clyde for a favor and Paige gets to see her parents once more so that they can tell her they're proud of her. Cole decides he wants to get back into the good vs. evil fight as a human and asks Darryl to help him become a cop.

#10 Trial by Magic: Aired Thursday, January 24, 2002

Phoebe is on the jury for a murder trial, and it seems to be a clear cut case until Phoebe handles the murder weapon and gets a vision. Using Phoebe's vision, Piper and Leo figure out who the real murderer is while Phoebe stalls the impatient jury by summoning the spirit of the murder victim. Phoebe convinces the jury to acquit the murder suspect, but by then the Charmed Ones have embroiled themselves in what turns out to be a case of money laundering by rat demons, and Paige's visiting friend Glen has figured out that the girls are witches despite Piper's warnings to Paige that they need to be careful about their secret identities. One of the rat demons kidnaps Glen to trade him for the taped confession that Piper got from the real murderer, and the sisters come up with a sneaky plan to make sure that the demon won't just kill Glen anyway once he has the tape. Leo uses a little memory erasing to prevent the jury from remembering Phoebe's magic, and Paige swears that Glen won't reveal their secret... although he does decide to stay with a different friend in San Francisco.

#11 Lost and Bound: Aired Thursday, January 31, 2002

Cole properly proposes to Phoebe with her grandmother's engagement ring, and Phoebe happily accepts. Paige recommends Cole as a public service lawyer at her office and Cole starts his first real 9-5 job. Phoebe expresses her fears of becoming a Samantha Stevens kind of housewife/witch. At social services, Paige meets a boy, Tyler, who accidentally starts fires when he's angry. Paige brings Tyler back to the manor, and Piper figures out that he is a firestarter, and is being hunted by bounty hunters because firestarters are generally captured and trained to be bodyguards for the source. Piper and Tyler fight off some of the bounty hunters that come to the manor, but Piper realizes that if really want to protect Tyler, they're going to have to go to the demon that sent all the bounty hunters, Ludlow, who runs the firestarter training center. Piper and Leo go after Ludlow, but Ludlow captures Tyler. Meanwhile, ever since putting on her grandmother's ring, Phoebe has been acting stranger and stranger, slowly turning into an idealized 1950s housewife. Cole and Paige figure out what's going on just in time to get the ring off Phoebe so that they can use the power of three to save Tyler. Using a haiku spell that Paige writes, the Charmed Ones vanquish Ludlow. Piper, at Tyler's request, binds the boy's powers, helping to settle some of the arguments that Leo and Piper have been having about possibly binding their own future child's powers. Cole gets fired from his job on his first day because he can't keep his righteous temper in check.

#12 Charmed and Dangerous: Aired Thursday, February 7, 2002

The Source, desperate to defeat the Charmed Ones, releases the Hollow, an ancient power locked away by both Good and Evil many years ago because it absorbs all magic indiscriminately. The Source puts the Hollow into various demons and sends them after the Charmed Ones, quickly gathering both Piper's and Paige's powers, and putting Leo close to death. The Source's compatriot in crime, a seer, sees the future and realizes that there won't be a future if the Hollow is kept free. When she can't convince the Source to stop using the Hollow, the seer calls Cole and gives him the power of Hollow to go against the Source. The Source attacks the Charmed Ones, using their own power against them, but just before he kills them Cole shows up and absorbs all of the Source's power, holding him at bay until the Charmed Ones can use a spell that calls on the power of their ancestors to vanquish him. Phoebe and the seer, a necessary team of Good and Evil, lock the Hollow away again and the Charmed Ones get the powers back. Cole doesn't tell Phoebe that he may have kept some of the Source's powers for himself. Paige helps a desperate woman get back custody of her son.

#13 The Three Faces of Phoebe: Aired Thursday, February 14, 2002

Phoebe starts to question marrying Cole and casts a spell requesting to know her heart's desire. The result is the appearance of Phoebe at age eight, and Phoebe at age eighty. Phoebe is shocked when older Phoebe immediatly slaps Cole in the face upon seeing him, but the older woman won't say a word about why. Young Phoebe reminds Phoebe of how she loved Cinderella, and says that Cole is their prince. Meanwhile, the Source's powers are starting to take over Cole, and the Seer pits a strong demon named Kurzon and Cole against each other, hoping that one of them will be killed and the other will become the new Source. Kurzon draws the sisters away from the manor so that he can sneak up on Cole unprotected, but Cole defends himself with the Source's powers and old Phoebe dies protecting him. The Charmed Ones vanquish Kurzon and Phoebe is shocked to realize that old Phoebe died for Cole after slapping him. Phoebe tells Cole she still wants to marry him, and asks him if there's anything he's not telling her. The Seer is pleased to see that Cole lies to Phoebe. Paige finds out that the spell that cleaned up a beaten Carolyn had a side-effect: it gave her a promotion to full social worker over her colleague, Scott, who had been working at the job longer. After careful consideration, she decides to turn down the promotion to avoid personal gain from magic. Paige has been practicing orbing and can now orb from place to place, even with her sisters in tow.

#14 Marry-Go-Round: Aired Thursday, March 14, 2002

The Seer has a vision that if Cole and Phoebe have a child together, that child will grow up to be one of the most powerful magical beings ever. Cole, who has now been completely taken over by the Source, and the Seer work together to make sure that Cole and Phoebe's wedding is a dark one, to ensure that their powerful child will work for evil and not good. Cole uses magic to cause a series of disasters that foster sibling rivalry between Phoebe and Paige, but no matter what he does the sisters somehow fix it. Finally, Cole has the church wedding attacked by a demon, and the wedding has to be cancelled at the last minute. While burying the demon in the cemetary to prevent its resurrection, the Charmed Ones spot an adorable chapel in a mausoleum, and Cole is pleased when Phoebe agrees to get married there. Phoebe unknowingly marries Cole in a dark ceremony presided over by an evil priest.

#15 The Fifth Halliwheel: Aired Thursday, March 21, 2002

Cole, with help from the Seer, begins his plan to get Phoebe pregnant with his demon child. Meanwhile, Paige becomes more and more suspicious that Cole is demonic. The Charmed Ones encounter an innocent, Karen, who has been attacked by a power broker (demon brokers who actually trade powers and occasionally store them in humans) and is slowly going insane. While Paige and Piper work on a potion to cure Karen, Phoebe goes to her job at the newspaper and writes her advice column for her so that she doesn't get fired. Cole decides that another power broker should attack Paige so that she'll go insane and her sisters won't believe her when she says that Cole is evil. Paige goes crazy and starts to attack Cole, so Piper knocks her out. Cole has gotten rid of all the potion that cured Karen, but he admits that they could find another power broker to save Paige. Paige is saved, and the Seer later tells Cole that she thinks it was Cole's love for Phoebe that made him admit there was another way to save her baby sister. Karen quits her job as newspaper advice columnist and recommends Phoebe as her replacement.

#16 Saving Private Leo: Aired Thursday, March 28, 2002

Two ghosts from Leo's past come back to take their revenge. Although Rick and Nathan Lang were originally Leo's best friends, they believe in death that their friend abandoned them when they needed him most. Without consulting Leo, Piper sent in a RSVP for her husband to attend the Guadacanal reunion as Leo Wyatt III, the original Leo's "grandson." The Langs see the registration and hunt down Leo. It doesn't take them long to realize that Leo is the same Leo they knew, and he's now a white lighter. When they realize they can't kill Leo, they go after the people that he cares about. First they kill a schoolteacher that Leo has been grooming to become another white lighter, and in Leo's grief and guilt and he loses his white lighter powers. Then the brothers attack Piper. Piper comes so close to death that she becomes a ghost, and is at least able to vanquish the Lang brothers by saying a spell that only a ghost can use to vanquish another ghost. Leo's love for and concern over Piper brings his powers back just in time to save his wife's life. Meanwhile, Cole manipulates Phoebe into moving out of the manor and hires a beautiful demon secretary to watch his back.

#17 Bite Me: Aired Thursday, April 18, 2002

With hopes of unseating Cole as the ruler of the Underworld, a Vampire Queen orders her fanged charges to attack Paige and turn her into a blood-sucker to get a Charmed One on their side. Paige's undead transformation isn't sealed until she takes her first victim, and the Vampire Queen urges her to feed on her two sisters, Phoebe and Piper. Phoebe and Piper go up against the Vampire Queen, hoping that if they can kill her they will set Paige free. Unknown to the sisters, Cole, to protect himself, kills the Vampire Queen and ends up saving Paige. Paige continues to be suspicious of Cole and begins to win Piper over to her point of view. Piper is sad when she thinks she might be pregnant but it turns out to be a false alarm. Cole continues to isolate Phoebe from her sisters. Phoebe is horrified when she finds out she's pregnant.

#18 We're Off to See the Wizard: Aired Thursday, April 25, 2002

Phoebe tells her sisters and Cole that she's pregnant, and Paige lets slip her and Piper's suspicion that Cole is evil. The Charmed Ones help a wizard steal the Grimwar from the Underworld, the book necessary for the new Source's coronation. The wizard says he wants to get revenge on the Source for killing all his kind, but it turns out that he really wants to become the Source himself. Meanwhile, Cole's human love for Phoebe, pregnant with his child, makes him vulnerable to her magic, and Phoebe finally has a premonition that makes her realize the Cole is evil. She also finds herself with a new power: throwing fire, which is usually only an upper-level demon power. Phoebe runs to her sisters, but The Seer kidnaps her and tells her that without her help, Cole and her unborn baby will die. The wizard finds Cole, and Cole tells the wizard that he'll give up The Source's power willingly so that he can be happy and human with Phoebe again. The Seer brings Phoebe to where the wizard is performing the ceremony, and she vanquishes the wizard with her firepower to save Cole/The Source. Phoebe tells Cole she loves him and agrees to be his dark queen. Phoebe's sisters are horrified when they see her disappear with Cole and the Grimwar to participate in Cole's coronation.

#19 Long Live the Queen: Aired Thursday, May 2, 2002

Phoebe tries to settle in to her role as the Queen of the Underworld while Paige plots to get her sister back and Piper despairs. Phoebe enjoys being evil and wielding her new firepower, but when she has a vision of an innocent being killed by one of her own evil subjects, she goes to her sisters to prevent it. Phoebe and her sisters save the innocent, but Phoebe keeps the demon from being destroyed. Cole finds out about this and worries that Phoebe will cause distrust amongst the evil ranks. Meanwhile, the Seer has been giving Phoebe a tonic to make her strong during her pregnancy, and Phoebe finds out that it's actually evil in liquid form, designed to help feed the evil baby and to make sure that Phoebe doesn't go back to the side of good. Phoebe refuses to drink any more of the tonic. Cole kills the innocent that Phoebe saved, and insists to her that she choose once and for all which side she's on. Piper and Paige bargain their lives by attempting to vanquish Cole, knowing they'll need Phoebe to do it, and hoping that if Phoebe has to choose between watching Cole die or watching her sisters die, that she'll finally choose the side of good. Phoebe ultimately kisses her husband goodbye and helps her sisters vanquish The Source.

#20 Womb Raider: Aired Thursday, May 9, 2002

The Seer plots to steal Phoebe's baby and rule the underworld with the power of The Source's heir, while The Charmed Ones have to deal with the real-world consequences of Cole's disappearance. Paige uses a spell to clean up Cole and Phoebe's apartment while Darryl helps Phoebe pack up Cole's belongings so that it looks like Cole left her. Meanwhile, Phoebe's baby's powers are growing, and it starts using her body to attack anyone that makes it feel unsafe or criticizes its father, which include a gynecologist, the policeman to whom Phoebe reports Cole missing, and most of all, Paige. The Seer frees a powerful demon, who was locked up by The Source, on the condition that he go after Phoebe and bring her to the underworld. The demon brings back Paige, but Phoebe soon follows, and The Seer magically steals the baby and puts it in her own womb. Paige and Phoebe summon their sister to join them in the underworld, and with The Power of Three they sabotage The Seer's coronation as The Source. The baby lashes out with massive power, not only killing all the high level demons at the coronation, but destroying The Seer, and therefore itself, as well. Piper finds out that her battles with evil have left her with scar tissue in her uterus that will make it hard for her to conceive her own child. Phoebe finds a note that Cole left for her thanking her for loving him and setting him free. Phoebe thinks she hears Cole's voice on the wind asking for her help.

#21 Witch Way Now: Aired Thursday, May 16, 2002

Cole continues to try to reach Phoebe from wherever it is that he is. The Angel of Destiny comes to the Charmed Ones and says that they've fulfilled their destiny of vanquishing the Source of all evil, and can choose to relinquish their powers and live normal lives if they want. Paige is definitely not ready to give up being a witch, but Piper and Phoebe are tempted by the Angel's offer, and the Angel says majority rules in this decision. Phoebe uses a spell to visit Cole in The Wasteland, where all demons go when they're vanquished. A monster in the Wasteland feeds on the dead demons' powers, but Cole has managed to hang on in bodily form because he has a soul. Meanwhile, an FBI agent comes to the sisters and tells them he has proof that they're witches, and he'll expose them if they don't help him track down a witch-hunter. The Charmed ones do as the FBI agent asks, and deliver the girl that he's hunting, but he refuses to give up his proof against them. This is the final straw, and Piper and Phoebe decide they definitely want to lead normal lives. Just as the Angel is about to make them normal, the sisters realize that something is wrong. It turns out the FBI agent is the witch-hunter, and they delivered to him an innocent young witch. They go to save the witch from him, and he almost kills Phoebe, but Cole, who has figured out how to absorb other vanquished demons' powers, saves her. The sisters decide not to relinquish their powers, and just before departing, the Angel lets Piper know that she is pregnant.

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