3rd Season

#1 The Honeymoon's Over
#2 Magic Hour
#3 Once Upon a Time
#4 All Halliwell's Eve
#5 Sight Unseen
#6 Primrose Empath
#7 Power Outage
#8 Sleuthing with the Enemy
#9 Coyote Piper
#10 We All Scream for Ice Cream
#11 Blinded by the Whitelighter
#12 Wrestling with Demons
#13 Bride and Gloom
#14 The Good, the Bad and the Cursed
#15 Just Harried
#16 Death Takes a Halliwell
#17 PreWitched
#18 Sin Francisco
#19 The Demon Who Came in From the Cold
#20 Exit Strategy
#21 Look Who's Barking
#22 All Hell Breaks Loose

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#1 The Honeymoon's Over: Aired Thursday, October 5, 2000

Piper returns from her orbing trip with Leo a month later, thinking only a day has gone by. "They" want to keep Piper and Leo apart, so Leo proposes to Piper, thinking that "they" might not be able to break up a holy union. Piper refuses at first, but after a brush with death happily accepts his proposal. The sisters fight mortals that are protected by guardian demons which are controlled by a judge. Phoebe develops a crush on a cute Assistant District Attorney, Cole Turner, whom she thinks is an innocent mortal. Just when they're about to get the judge, Cole secretly steps in and vanquishes the judge with magical fire. Phoebe discovers a new active power: she can levitate! Unfortunately, she's not very good at controlling it yet.

#2 Magic Hour: Aired Thursday, October 12, 2000

As Piper is trying to plan her secret wedding to Leo, the sisters encounter a star-crossed couple cursed by a sorcerer. Christopher spends his days as an owl while his love, Brooke, spends her nights as a wolf. The sorcerer has cursed them until Brooke comes to him as his wife, or there is a night within a day. Meanwhile, Phoebe fears that the repercussions of Piper's decision to secretly marry Leo aren't worth it. Grams comes back as a ghost to provide guidance. There is an eclipse, which not only breaks Christopher and Brooke's curse, but provides the perfect opportunity for Piper to marry Leo. Grams is ready to perform the ceremony when Leo is forcibly orbed out. It turns out that Cole, who was flirting with Phoebe and figured out about the secret wedding, informed the bad guys that he's working for about the wedding, who then informed the good guys, who then prevented it from taking place. Piper is devastated.

#3 Once Upon a Time: Aired Thursday, October 19, 2000

The sisters must help a girl who is being plagued by little trolls after saving the princess of the fairy world. They almost fail when Piper goes on strike demanding that the powers that be send Leo back to her. Piper realizes why personal relationships between witches and white lighters are so dangerous, and it is this realization that finally brings Leo back to her. The powers that be say that if Leo and Piper can demonstrate that their relationship will not endanger any innocents, then they can be together. Meanwhile, Cole continues to get closer to Phoebe and attempts to steal the Book of Shadows. Prue and Phoebe thwart his effort and see him in his demon form, but they still don't know that it's Cole.

#4 All Halliwell's Eve: Aired Thursday, October 26, 2000

Using the power of All Hallow's Eve, witches from the 1600s call on The Charmed Ones to come save a magically baby that is being born. The three sisters find, in their first attempt to save the soon-to-be-mother from the forces of evil, that they have no powers, and they must be educated in the origins of witches' power in order to complete their goal. Cole is also there, helping the forces of evil. Prue falls hard for a man who runs with witch hunters, but actually tries to undermine the forces of evil. The mother and baby are finally saved and they learn that they saved baby Melinda Warren before returning to their own time. Meanwhile, in the present, Leo and Darryl battle Grimlocks who have used Halloween as the perfect time to return from the dead and seek revenge on The Charmed Ones.

#5 Sight Unseen: Aired Thursday, November 2, 2000

When someone breaks into the Halliwells' house and smashes all the mirrors, Prue decides it's time to do some serious research on the triad, while her younger sisters think it might have been the work of a human, maybe a stalker. Meanwhile, Cole learns that his superiors have assigned an invisible demon to destroy the Charmed Ones. Prue starts to become suspicious of Cole when she sets a booby trap that catches him in the attic. What she doesn't know is that Cole was there actually trying to protect the three sisters from this new, invisible, threat. Then Prue's trap catches the invisible demon, proving her theory that the triad sent someone after them. However, what Prue doesn't know is that Piper's bartender, Abbey, is obsessed with her, and Prue almost dies by her mortal hand when she decides it's time to take over Prue's life. Piper has trouble having sex with Leo because she always feels like They are watching. Phoebe and Cole move beyond friendship.

#6 Primrose Empath: Aired Thursday, November 9, 2000

Prue follows what she thinks are signs from Them to a suffering man who is trapped in a loft about to be demolished. The man won't go outside because he feels all the emotions of the world, and the more people around him, the worse it is. Prue casts a spell to free him from this power, but accidentally picks it up herself. It turns out that the man is actually a demon assassin, Vinceres, and Cole/Belthazor set the whole thing up to free a fellow demon from a curse and get rid of Prue. As Prue starts to feel more and more emotions from the people around her, she starts to lose her mind from the pain of the world. Meanwhile, Vinceres goes after the priest/empath who originally cursed him. While trying to figure out how to free Prue from her new power, the Charmed ones find the priest, Father Thomas. Father Thomas helps Prue learn how to accept the emotions of the world instead of fighting them so she can channel the emotion into her witchy powers and defeat Vinceres, who is supposed to be unstoppable and immune to witches' powers. When Vinceres shows up at the house looking for Father Thomas, Prue kicks some Vinceres ass. Cole tries to push Phoebe away since he realizes that he's falling for her, but Phoebe won't let him. Cole is more and more torn between trying to destroy the Charmed Ones and starting to care for them.

#7 Power Outage: Aired Thursday, November 16, 2000

When Cole is urged by the Triad to hurry up and get rid of the Charmed Ones, he comes up with a plan to sic a rage spirit by the name of Andras on them. Andras takes the sisters' normal sisterly quarrels and turns them into a fight of such proportions that they use their powers against each other, break the Power of Three, and lose their powers entirely. Phoebe goes running to Cole to cry about her fight with her sisters, and Cole tries to knife her, but can't bring himself to do it. Andras busts him being nice to one of the witches he is supposed to kill, and possesses Belthazor to finish the job himself. The sisters try to mend their rift to get their powers back, and manage to do so just in time to fight off what they think is Belthazor... until a good smack makes Andras pop out of Belthazor. Belthazor kills Andras and then goes after the Charmed Ones. Piper manages to take a slice out of the demon's side which the sisters want to use to make a vanquishing potion. An injured Belthazor/Cole shimmers away. The Triad calls Cole to them to kill him for not completing his task. Before they can do so, he kills them first.

#8 Sleuthing with the Enemy: Aired Thursday, December 14, 2000

While Phoebe is trying to figure out why Cole has disappeared, Prue and Piper make a potion to vanquish Belthazor. When the older sisters use a spell to summon Belthazor so they can vanquish him, they attract Krell instead, a bounty hunting demon who the Source has sent after Belthazor. Prue, Piper and Krell unwillingly team up to find Belthazor while Phoebe finds a wounded Cole and gets Leo to come heal him. When Leo heals him, he realizes that Cole is not all human, and warns Phoebe that he thinks Cole is Belthazor. Meanwhile, Krell sniffs out Belthazor's blood on Cole's abandoned jacket and Prue recognizes it and realizes what Leo already knows. Leo, Prue, Piper, and Krell arrive to save Phoebe from Belthazor but Belthazor shimmers away with Phoebe held at knife-point. At the cemetary, Cole convinces Phoebe that he loves her and would never hurt her, proving it when he destroys Krell who tries to kill Phoebe. Phoebe tells Cole to run away and fakes his vanquishing so that her sisters and the Source will stop hunting him.

#9 Coyote Piper: Aired Thursday, January 11, 2001

An evil life essence created by a powerful alchemist possesses Piper's body just before her ten-year high school reunion and tricks Prue and Phoebe into helping her vanquish her creator. While a possessed Piper is making quite a scene dancing on the bar at her reunion, her sisters figure out what's going on. Prue figures out that without the power of three, the only way she can get the spirit out of Piper is to kill her sister, get the evil spirit to enter Leo's body, and then bargain with the spirit to bring Piper back to life. Her plan works, and then, using the power of three, the sisters drive the spirit out of Leo. Prue has a little reunion of her own with Justin Harper, and old classmate of Piper's that used to have a crush on the eldest Halliwell. Phoebe, very withdrawn from her sisters, researches Cole's past and almost admits to Leo that her demon lover is still alive.

#10 We All Scream for Ice Cream: Aired Thursday, January 18, 2001

Prue and Phoebe see a little girl being sucked into an ice cream truck and while trying to save her they get sucked in too. Inside the truck is a snow-covered playground filled with kids being held hostage by the ice cream man. Occassionally a "nothing" comes along and sucks one of the kids away for good. Prue and Phoebe help the kids escape, and then soon realize that they screwed up. Although the kids looked innocent enough, they're actually demon children. Phoebe has a vision of Prue as a child in the snowy playground with their father, and admits to her sisters that their father is in town. Although Prue is reluctant, they all agree to meet with their father, Victor. Victor admits that he saved Prue from that same truck when she was a child, and they enlist him to help save the ice cream man and trap the demon children again. Prue and her father bond while saving each other's lives, and even Prue is on board when Victor announces that he'll be taking a new job in San Francisco.

#11 Blinded by the Whitelighter: Aired Thursday, January 25, 2001

Leo's old Whitelighter friend Natalie comes to the Charmed Ones with a warning when one of her charges, a witch with the power of deflection, is killed. A powerful warlock named Eames is on the warpath, and the Charmed Ones are ordered to lay low. Of course, they do the exact opposite, and go after Eames, only to accidentally help him steal a Darklighters Whitelighter-killing crossbow. Natalie disapproves of Leo's casual rule-breaking, and the elders put her temporarily in charge of the Charmed Ones. They figure out that Eames is now going to try to kill a Whitelighter with the crossbow to steal the orbing power, then orb "upstairs" and kill all the Whitelighters. Natalie rigorously trains the Halliwells to steal back the crossbow, but when they confront Eames it's far too easy to succeed. Confused, they give the crossbow to Natalie, and the crossbow magically turns into Eames who kidnaps Natalie. Eames kills Natalie and steals her power to orb, but when he gets "upstairs" the Charmed Ones, along with Leo, have broken all the rules and are there waiting for him. They vanquish him, and the elders are so pleased that they lift their probation on Leo and Piper: our favorite couple is officially engaged! Phoebe talks to an investigating officer in Cole's disappearance, and her guilt grows so much that she confides in Leo that she didn't actually vanquish Cole.

#12 Wrestling with Demons: Aired Thursday, February 1, 2001

Prue encounters an ex-boyfriend, Tom, trying to kill an innocent with a hand-thrown ball of fire. Leo explains that he could be a human who has gone through demon-training and is trying to pass his final exam. Phoebe uses a "lost and found" spell that she originally wrote to find Cole, but then never used, to help Prue find Tom and Leo find the engagement ring that he lost. Not only does the spell work on the ex and the ring, but Phoebe finds her lost brown hair, their grandmother's lost dog from seven years ago returns, and every lost sock, pencil, balloon, and anything else you can think of seems to magically rise from the dead. Prue captures Tom and tries to remind him of what it's like to be human, then lets him escape so that the sisters can find his recruiter. After battling wrestling demons for Tom's life, Prue and Phoebe use Tom's mother to remind him of his humanity and he turns on his recruiter and vanquishes him. Phoebe finally admits to her sisters that she didn't actually vanquish Cole.

#13 Bride and Gloom: Aired Thursday, February 8, 2001

Cole returns to town and contacts Phoebe through her television set. Phoebe finds him in the tomb where she "vanquished" him and tells him she never wants to see him again. Piper is planning her wedding with wedding planners and guests and everything, while Leo tries to convince her that they should probably keep is small and private. Prue expresses her mild jealousy at her younger sister getting married before her, and is shortly thereafter kidnapped by a dark priestess and married against her will to a warlock named Zile. Phoebe turns to Cole and his underground evil connections for help with finding Prue. Prue's marriage turns her evil, and the evil infects her sisters and the Book of Shadows as well. Phoebe and Piper have a great time being evil, and they gleefully torture the wedding planners and kill Leo. Phoebe tries to get evil with Cole, but he just tells her where Prue is and gets away from her. The dark priestess steals the Book of Shadows and tries to use it against the Charmed evil Ones. She gets Prue to fight her own sisters, but when Piper and Phoebe kill off Zile, they all go back to being good and quickly vanquish the priestess. When they go back to being good, they reverse the evil that they did and luckily Leo is okay. Piper finally agrees that they should keep the wedding small and private. Phoebe thanks Cole for his help but tells him they still can't be together.

#14 The Good, the Bad and the Cursed: Aired Thursday, February 15, 2001

Victor, the girls' father, takes Phoebe to check out an old ghost town that he's been thinking of investing in. Phoebe makes a psychic connection with a half-Indian cowboy there, and when he is punched in the face, she gets a bloody lip. Back at home, she finds a new bruise on her stomach, and shortly thereafter, she is shot. Meanwhile, Victor has taken Leo, who he thinks is mortal, out for a bite to eat and warns him about those sneaky Whitelighters that will steal his witch wife. Victor is furious when Leo orbs away to help Phoebe. Cole comes by to bring Phoebe flowers, and joins in the fight to stop what's happening to her. The sisters figure out that the old western town got stuck in a one-day time loop back in the 1800s when a cowboy named Bo tried to stand up to a powerful and evil man named Sutter. Bo was killed and the people of the town did nothing to help him. Cole uses his power to take himself, along with Prue, into the time looped town, and together they convince the townspeople to come to Bo's aid before he is shot. Phoebe, while close to death from her gunshot wound, realizes that she still loves Cole, and once she's recovered she insists that he stay for Piper and Leo's rehearsal dinner.

#15 Just Harried: Aired Thursday, February 22, 2001

As the sisters prepare for Leo and Piper's wedding, Prue is running on empty. She can't seem to get any rest because every time she goes to sleep she has vivid dreams of being in a seedy bar and flirting with a cutie biker guy. In her most recent dream, a guy tries to rip her off outside the bar and she hits him with a log. Leo and Victor bond before the wedding and work out their differences. Grams is sent by Them as a high priestess to perform the ceremony, the girls' mother is allowed to attend, and Cole and Darryl attend the small ceremony as well. Darryl informs Prue that she's wanted for murder. As the ceremony begins, the cutie biker guy bursts into the house, on his bike, and sweeps astral Prue away, leaving regular Prue collapsed and unconscious. Piper, fed up with one more thing going wrong, gives up on getting married. Phoebe uses a spell to bring astral Prue back and convinces her, Prue's ego and inner and supressed urges, to go back with the real Prue so they can mend Piper's wedding. As soon as Phoebe puts her eldest sister back together, Prue is arrested for murder. Darryl, Leo and Cole work together to bring the real murderer to justice, and wedding finally happens just before the stroke of midnight when the girls' mother is being recalled to heaven.

#16 Death Takes a Halliwell: Aired Thursday, March 15, 2001

The sisters find themselves defending Cole and his ex-coworkers from Seeker demons who suck the brain stems of their victims to find out what they know. Prue, still angry at death for taking her mother, confronts Death himself. She thinks that because she sees him, she's supposed to fight him, but really she's supposed to learn that death is not evil, it simply is. Piper and Leo receive their first wedding gift from another whitelighter, a curious crystalline lamp that Piper thinks is ugly.

#17 PreWitched: Aired Thursday, March 22, 2001

Piper decides it's time for her and Leo to move out and get their own place. In flashbacks, we see the sisters living with their grandmother and not getting along at all. Their grandmother is concerned that they won't stay together and will never get along, and fears that their gift of being the Charmed Ones will only make it worse, so she whips up a potion to keep them from becoming witches. She suffers chest pains and falls down the stairs. After her death, the sisters are left with the mysterious bottle. In the present, a cat uses a potion to turn itself into a warlock and kills its witch mistress. With help from the witch's ghost, the three sisters figure out that the warlock keeps coming to them to be killed because it needs to get rid of its nine cat lives before it can fully come into its power. The sisters figure out a way, after killing the warlock eight times, to make it experience all nine of its deaths at once which finally vanquishes it for good. Piper rediscovers the mysterious bottle as she's moving out and finds a note attached to the bottom. She figures out what her grandmother was trying to do and realizes that it's not time for the sisters to split up yet. Instead, Prue agrees to give Piper her bedroom, which is the biggest, and Phoebe moves her stuff out of Piper's bathroom to give Piper and Leo more privacy.

#18 Sin Francisco: Aired Thursday, April 19, 2001

Leo and the Halliwell sisters are each infected with one of the seven deadly sins after a demon attacks them. Leo becomes a Sloth, and refuses to perform his Whitelighter duties. Piper gets Gluttony and buys, eats and drinks everything she can get her hands on. Phoebe has Lust, and seduces a young cop who is then infected with Anger. Prue gets Pride, and thinks that she's an invicible super-witch. It is only with selfless acts that Leo, Piper and Phoebe are able to get rid of their sins, but for Prue, every selfless act she performs is actually to glorify herself, so she must rely on her sisters vanquishing the sin demon to save her.

#19 The Demon Who Came in From the Cold: Aired Thursday, April 26, 2001

When Cole's old demon gang, the Brotherhood of Thorn, surfaces and starts killing prophets that publicize their plan, Cole goes undercover to find out what they're up to. Cole plays the double-agent so well, that neither the Charmed Ones nor the Brotherhood are sure that they can trust him, and it's only through Phoebe's trust in him and knowledge of him that the plan succeeds. Cole manages to help the witches protect an important CEO from the Brotherhood that wants to assassinate in him in order to make a particular business merger go through. Cole, however, doesn't realize that his cover has been blown at the end of the operation, and when he goes back to cover his tracks, he is taken prisoner by the head of the Brotherhood, Raynor. When Cole doesn't show up for her graduation party, Phoebe is frantic.

#20 Exit Strategy: Aired Thursday, May 3, 2001

Cole's old mentor Raynor concocts a complicated plan to kill Phoebe's love for Cole. Cole descends back into evil. Piper gets a new power of exploding things.

#21 Look Who's Barking: Aired Thursday, May 10, 2001

Piper is frustrated about her lack of control over her new power. Phoebe is depressed about losing Cole to the dark side. The sisters have to hunt a banshee who is preying on depressed people. It turns out that banshees used to be witches, and while a banshee's scream will kill a mortal, it will turn a witch into another banshee. Only dogs can hear the banshee's scream, so when the sisters cast a tracking spell on Prue, she is turned into a dog. While a dog, she is hit by a car and falls for the cute driver of the car who takes her home to heal. The banshee preys on Phoebe and turns Phoebe into a banshee just before Piper explodes her. Phoebe runs off and Piper is left feeling helpless and alone. Piper decides to call Cole, because he is the reason that Phoebe was depressed, and Phoebe attacks Cole because he, too, is depressed. Cole admits to Phoebe that he still loves her and Raynor cast a spell that forced him to kill that witch. Phoebe reverts back to herself from the banshee. Phoebe decides that she gave up on Cole too quickly, and since he still loves her there's still good in him and she can save him. Prue, recovered from her canine form, arranges a date with the cute journalist that hit her with his car.

#22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Aired Thursday, May 17, 2001

Prue and Piper are caught on TV vanquishing a demon while Phoebe is trying to bring Cole home. The sisters get a demon to turn back time to try and reverse the exposure, but Phoebe has to agree to stay in the underworld and without her help, Prue and Piper are left near death.

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